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SET for Britain 2015

Paul Duetting SET for Brit|Dr Paul Dütting|, an LSE Fellow in the Department of Mathematics|, presented his poster “Spectrum auctions: Greed is good,… if you do it well!” at SET for Britain 2015| on 9 March at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster. His poster addressed the issue of how mathematics can help organise the optimum sale of spectrum rights and other so-called “combinatorial auctions”. Based on Dr Dütting’s article, “The Performance of Deferred-Acceptance Auctions|", the poster was well-received and prompted a number of questions from the audience of MPs, scientists, engineers and fellow mathematicians. Other themes within the Mathematical Science Exhibition included fracking, cancer therapies, reconstructive surgery, fluid dynamics, aero-engines and wind farms.

Paul Duetting - SET for Brit 2

The day-long exhibition, sponsored by Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, provided a fantastic opportunity for early-stage and early-career researchers in the fields of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and, since 2014, Mathematics, to communicate their research to Members of both Houses of Parliament and to a lay audience. The event fosters increased dialogue and engagement between researchers and policy makers. It also stimulates interaction amongst researchers, laying the foundations for further collaborations.

The event culminated in the award of the coveted Westminster Medal in memory of Dr Eric Wharton, which this year was presented to Mr Robert Woodward (Physics, Imperial College London).