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LSE Student Union Student-Led Teaching Awards 2015

This year, more than 20 of the teachers in the Department of Mathematics were nominated for a Student-Led Teaching Award. We congratulate all of these teachers on receiving their nominations and thank them for all their efforts to provide high quality teaching and feedback throughout the year.

Below is a selection of the anonymised comments received about the teachers.


"He works hard on inspiring students about how mathematician thinks in real-life research. We have a lot of chance interacting with him and figure out how to solve new problems instead of simply learning from textbooks."

“Feedback is brilliant"

"The nominee made linear algebra fun for all of us. She is an inspirational professor and incredibly knowledgeable. Her vast amount of experience benefited us all a great deal!"

"He makes a great teacher and Academic Advisor - always making the subject matter interesting and insightful! He's great to talk to and treats you as an equal rather than a student. The course can be quite challenging but he makes it interesting with real world applications and delivers his lectures in an interactive way."

"Nominee is very enthusiastic about teaching the subject and is always successful in engaging students in the classroom. MA[xxx] classes are so, so much fun with him teaching!"

“The class model involves group work and the teacher gives immediate help and feedback to the work done in class. This approach really makes the most of the small class sizes. She really makes all students do as much thinking as possible in the one hour of class time."

"... comes across as very passionate about his subject matter. He is detailed in his explanations, and often asks thought-provoking questions in order to make us think deeper and critically about our subject. Also it is very clear he takes the effort to mark our work and give quality feedback. I cannot have asked for a better teacher to teach such an important foundational course in university-level Mathematics."

"Communicates concepts clearly and concisely, will always check if things are understood before moving on to a new topic, regularly asks for feedback on his speed and teaching style and responds well to feedback. Always takes the time to comment on homework (suggests alternative methods, highlights where a proof went wrong rather than just giving a tick or cross)."

"His lecture notes are incredibly detailed, complete with very accurate diagrams that allow me to visualise concepts. The structure of lectures is very well-organised and if I do not understand something in the notes, I will always get it in the lecture as his explanations are clear. The example sessions he offers are also very useful especially when he provides methods that I may not have thought of, and sometimes he will mention the applications of those concepts in the real world.  Overall, I am very satisfied with his teaching because I am constantly enlightened and it really deepens my interest in the subject. My favourite lecturer this year."

"He really knows the topics well and teaches in such way that makes it seem simple. The topics are extremely complicated and he's the reason I'm still doing the course and as such, he has inspired me to learn more about complex analysis."

"... has been a crucial figure in bettering my understanding of the way research is carried out and widened my horizon when it comes to research problems being studied. Interactions with him have not only strengthened my grasp over the subject but they have also given me a greater level of confidence with regards to looking at problems in my own way. He has great faith in students when it comes to carrying out research and this is undoubtedly a key factor in encouraging young researchers. He has also provided useful advice with regards to doctoral studies and I must say that I probably wouldn't be in the position that I am in at the moment were it not for him."

"He goes very far in his efforts to explain all your mistakes, even if they were simply not using the most efficient route to the correct solution. He is always reliable at handing back marked homework, even if you happened to submit late (!!). He is highly personable and ready to spend the time explaining his comments if you don't fully understand them. He is hugely experienced in presenting worked solutions on the whiteboard with clarity and all the further explanation that is necessary for understanding."

"I always leave the classes for the course feeling like I've gained a better understanding of the material. His feedback is clear, constructive and helpful. His teaching has definitely helped me to improve."

"Made all ideas very clear from the basic level. He explained very complex ideas very simply which showed that he understands his subject very well."