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Cyril Offord Prizewinner 2013

The Cyril Offord Prize 2013 for outstanding performance in Mathematics was awarded to Jasdeep Kochhar and presented to him by Head of Department Professor Jan van den Heuvel who congratulated Jasdeep on his excellent results which reflected his dedication to his studies during his time in the Mathematics Department.


Jasdeep said, "The Cyril Offord Prize was an honour to receive, as it allowed me to celebrate the hard work and perseverance that I applied throughout my studies. It was also an opportunity to thank my professors for all their support and tutorage during my time at LSE. I am now studying for my Masters in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science at Oxford University. After that, I plan to take up a place on Ernst & Young's Graduate Scheme in Risk Consulting".


(L-R: Professor Jan van den Heuvel, Dr Nicholas Cron, Jasdeep Kochhar, Professor Martin Anthony).