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Alumni Reception 2016: celebrating 20 Years of the Department

quizzing 3Following the British government’s 1963 publication of the Robbins Report, which underpinned many of the changes in British higher education at that time, most notably a great expansion of the system with increased availability of a board range of courses, The London School of Economics determined to establish a group of mathematicians within their Social Science School.  Whilst a controversial decision, in 1966 the Department of Statistical and Mathematical Sciences was born and, in 1995, the then team of seven developed into the Department of Mathematics.

group 3Fast-forward 20 years and four of that original team still work within the Department and have witnessed the metamorphosis into what we see today: a team of four broad disciplines (Discrete Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Game Theory and Operations Research), five programmes, 34 staff, and 400 students.  Add to this our new research blog (http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/maths/) and expansion plans for 2016/17 onwards (watch this space!) and we really do have cause to celebrate!

cakeAnd that’s exactly what we did on 1 March 2016, at our Alumni Reception.  Students and staff, both past and present, joined together to memorialise the magnificent family we’ve grown into.  Professor Martin Anthony (current Head of the Department) and Professor Norman Biggs (founding member of the Department) welcomed everyone, briefly reviewing how we’ve progressed.  We played a short quiz – 20 questions about maths, the LSE and maths at LSE (the winners took home coveted LSE merchandise, including Felix the beaver!).  Norman also cut the birthday cake and made a wish for 20 more successful years of the Department – hear, hear!

martin 2It was wonderful to meet up with our alumni, finding out how their time in the Department (their “academic birthplace” as one guest referred to it) has influenced and formed them.  Alumni said their time at LSE had given them the confidence to reach where they are today, as well as many happy memories along the way.  Meeting people “who all came together with … shared interests” and became good friends for life is all part of what we, as a Department, strive to achieve – based on the Reception, it certainly seems like we’re doing a good job!  If you’re a member of our alumni norman 1and would like to share your experiences, please do get in touch (alumnievent@maths.lse.ac.uk) and follow us on Twitter (@LSEMaths).

Rebecca Lumb
Research, Events and Communications Coordinator
LSE Department of Mathematics

Photo credits: Carl Goodwin Photography


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