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Preliminary Reading and Book Lists


Preliminary Reading

We will share some preparatory reading lists and study advice in August.

Books that are central to individual courses will be listed in the relevant course guide. Note that course guides are updated in August.

Buying Books

We do not recommend buying books for your courses in advance. 

Firstly, it is because many courses will not require books all the way through, if at all, and multiple copies of important books will be available in the LSE Library. Secondly, courses are not finalised until close to the start of the year, and you may end up buying expensive books that go unused. Thirdly (for international students), used copies of the relevant books are typically cheapest in the UK, even if this is not true of all books in the UK. 

On campus, Waterstones should have a copy of all books on LSE courses, including a large number of (cheaper) used books. Another campus option is Alpha Books. Online, Amazon and AbeBooks are good places to start.