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  • Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen
    Partnership as second order contracts 
  • Panagiota Alevizou
    Open to interpretation? Participatory discourses, productive practices and learner engagement in Open Educational Resources
  • Sinan Aral
    Network Structure and Information Advantage: The Diversity–Bandwidth Tradeoff
  • Chrisanthi Avgerou
    Information Systems Innovation in Organizations: Thinking Like a Social Scientist
    What is context in IS research, why does it matter, and how do we study it?
  • Ken Banks
    Mobile technology, grassroots NGOs and the entrepreneur: The picture from Africa
  • Michael Barrett
    Boundary Object Use in Cross-Cultural Software Development Teams
  • Subhash Bhatnagar
    Impact Assessment Study of e-Governance Projects in 12 States in India
  • Dick Boland
    Ecology of Distributed Mediated Practice
    A Dialectical View of Collective Mindfulness: Creating Radical Architecture with Information Technology
  • Albert Borgmann
    Information Growth and the Texture of Reality (SSIT8)
  • Tony Bryant
    The Future of Information Systems - Thinking Informatically
  • Ricky Burdett
    Social Aspects of Urban Form
  • Gian Marco Campagnolo
    Ethnomethodology of Information Infrastructures
  • Peter Checkland
    Researching Real Life: reflections on 30 years of Action Research
  • Giorgos Cheliotis
    The Organization and Politics of Massively Scalable Purposive Action
  • Elayne Coakes
    Some Social, Organisational and Technology Reflections: learning from a global knowledge management survey
  • 5th Communia Workshop
    Accessing, Using, Reusing Public Sector Content and Data
  • Mike Cushman
    Exclusion, Inclusion and Changing the Face of Information Systems Research
    Enabling or Throttling Innovation: Trust, Risk and Control in Third Sector/State relations
  • Barbara Czarniawska
    The Non-Identical Twins: Actor-Network Theory and Translation in Organization Studies
  • Bo Dahlbom
    From Systems to Services
  • Dionisis Demetis
    A brief review of Systems Theory and an introduction to Niklas Luhmann: Systems, observers & paradoxes
  • Paul Dourish
    The Commodification of Location: Privacy, Power, and Location-Based Systems
  • Yrjö Engeström
    Theorizing Transformations in Practice: an activity-theoretical perspective
  • Elena Esposito
    Probability and Fiction in Society and in Economics
  • Hamid R. Ekbia
    Digital Discipline: The Active Complicity of the Modern Subject
  • Farewell ADMIS: Welcome MISI
  • Brian Fitzgerald
    Open Source Software in the Trenches: lessons from a large-scale implementation
  • Luciano Floridi
    Grasping Semantic Information
  • Leopoldina Fortunati
    Discussing the Meaning of the Mobile Phone
  • Yiannis Gabriel
    Cultures of Information and Cultures of Storytelling
  • John Gantz
    The Expanding Information Universe (SSIT8)
  • Lesley Gardner
    CSL: An enterprise-wide learning management system: E-learning and development - New Zealand style
  • George Gaskell
    Trust and Technology Development
  • Ole Hanseth
    Technological Architectures, Infrastructural innovations and industrialisation of media: The case of mobile internet
  • Linda Hickman
    Strategic Innovation --Leadership Challenges: the effects of Web 2.0 and innovation in business models
  • Julian Huppert MP and Panel
    Data Liberty in the 21st Century - A Dialogue on Fair Policies: Freedom Bill, Digital Economy Act, Web Blocking and Phone Hacking
  • Richard Hull
    The Emergence of 'Knowledge' as a Unit of Analysis in the Social Sciences (Knowledge, Economy and Society seminar)
  • Lucas Introna
    Phenomenology, Technology and Ethics: Thinking about the Morality of our Machines
    The Doing of Things: Reconsidering the Question of Technical Agency
    Of Technicity: Some reflections on sociomaterial becoming and performativity
  • Matthew Jones
    The Trouble with Information Systems
  • Jannis Kallinikos
    Information Growth Dynamics: Patterns and Implications
    Living in Ephemeria: On the Short-lived and Disposable Character of Information (SSIT8)
  • Jannis Kallinikos and Carsten Sorenson
    Good Sociologists and Innovative Technologists or Real Amateurs: what does IS have to offer?
  • Antonis Kaniadakis
    ICT in the Banking Industry: The Emergence of the Agora of Techno-Organisational Change
  • Ela Klecun
    Discourses of ICT and Organizational Transformation: Towards a Patient-Centred Model of Healthcare
  • Rajiv Kohli
    Risk Perceptions, Risk Behaviour and IT Investments: Evidence from the healthcare organizations
  • Mary Lacity
    - Outsourcing Research: Theory, Practice and The Emerging Landscape
  • Roberta Lamb
    ICTs and Collaborative R&D
  • Eleni Lamprou
    Rethinking Technological Change in Organizations: The Deleuzian 'Spatium' and its 'Becoming'
  • Frank Land
    The Use of History in IS Research: An Opportunity Missed?
  • Giovan Francesco Lanzara and Aaltonen
    Governing the Virtual Commons? Questions around and from Wikipedia
  • Allen Lee
    A Scientific Basis for Rigor and Relevance in Information-Systems Research
    A Schema for Relating and Combining Quantitative, Qualitative, Positivist, and Interpretive Research Methods in the Discipline of Information Systems
    - Going Back to Basics in Design: From the IT Artifact to the IS Artifact
  • Hans Lehmann
    Grounded Theory and Information Systems: Are We Missing the Point?
  • Paul Leonardi
    Experts at Being Seen as Experts: Knowledge Management Technology as a Stage for Strategic Self-Presentation
  • David Lewis
    Tripartite UK Information Technology and Development Workshop
  • Jonathan Liebenau
    The New Economics of ICT: Implications of Post-neoclassical Economics for the Information & Communications Technology Sectors
  • Juho Lindman
    Open Source and Open Data in Information Systems
  • Sonia Livingstone
    Youthful Practices on Social Networking Sites: Balancing Questions of Design and Literacy
  • Thomas Luckmann
    On the Communicative Construction of Reality
  • David Lyon
    Surveillance after 9/11: a view from Japan
    National ID Cards in a Globalised World: Surveillance, security and citizenship
  • Kalle Lyytinen
    New State of Play in IS Research: The Push to the Edges
  • Michael Mainelli
    Transparency, Measurement & ICT – Cause of, or Cure for, the Next Financial Crisis?
  • Lev Manovich
    Info-Aesthetics: Information and Form
    How to Track Global Digital Culture (SSIT8)
  • Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
    Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age
  • Peter Miller
    Mediating Instruments and Making Markets
  • John Mingers
    Realising Research: Critical Realism as an Underpinning Philosophy for IS and Management Research
  • Dermot Moran
    Keynote address to Phenomenology, Information Technology and Management: an international workshop
  • Andrew Murray
    Cyber-regulation and Information Technology Law
  • Lynne Nikolychuk and Pamela Abbott
    Examining the potential for non-traditional applications of SNA: a case study in the UK independent television and film production sectors
  • Kristen Nygaard
    Informatics (Computer Science and System Development): from procedures to systems to processes
  • Wanda Orlikowski
    Sociomateriality: A Practice Lens on Technology at Work
  • Nikki Panourgias
    Objects and collaboration in the design and development of computer games
  • Charles Perrow
    Disasters Evermore? Reducing US Vulnerabilities to Natural, Industrial, and Terrorist Disasters
  • Mark Poster
    Global Culture and the media
  • Marlei Pozzebon
    Every move you make, every claim you stake …A “practice-turn” and IS research
  • Danny Quah
    Digital Goods and the New Economy
  • Ram Ramakumar
    Intrusion plus Retreat: Questions on the Unique ID Project in India
  • Nikolas Rose
    Governing at a Distance: some modest thoughts on information technology, democracy and security
  • Tribute to Jonathan Rosenhead @ 70
    Videos of Bennett, Vidal, Gass, White, Lang and Jackson
  • Jochen Runde and Philip Faulkner
    From turntables to bitstrings: technology, the material and the non-material in organisational life 
  • Angela Sasse
    The True Cost of Unusable Security
  • Doug Schuler
    Civic Intelligence: An Under Developed Resource
  • Peter Seddon
    How to write a paper that is publishable in a US journal
  • Neil Selwyn
    Faceworking: Exploring Students’ Educational Use of Facebook
  • Maha Shaikh and Prodromos Tsiavos
    Open Data and Open Source in the Public Sector: Tales from Greece and the UK
  • Sociomateriality workshop - Developing Theoretical Innovation: A Workshop on the Issues Surrounding Sociomateriality
    Videos of Suchman and Wajcman and panels
  • Carsten Sorensen, Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood & Ben Eaton
    Mobile Information Technology at Work Creativity, Collaboration and Control
  • SSIT2: ICTs and Globalisation
    Videos of Ciborra, Sassen, Barrett, Walsham, Mansell, Giddens, Star, Slater and Roode
  • SSIT8
    Panel on Information, Memory and Culture
    Panel on the Organizational Consequences of Information Growth
  • SSIT9: Innovating with Information and Communication Technologies
    Videos of Dunleavy, Elton, Sorenson, Willcocks, Yoo, VanLente and panels
  • SSIT10: Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services: Trends, Issues and Prospects
    Videos of Willcocks, Hindle, Oshri, Craig, Venters, Whitley and panels
  • SSIT11: Information Systems and the Financial Crisis: Is technology to blame?
    Videos of Markus, Esposito, Clavé, Beck, Kauffman and panel
  • Lucy Suchman
    Undoing Innovation: respecifying the ‘new’
  • Haridimos Tsoukas
    Do we really understand tacit knowledge? (Knowledge, Economy and Society seminar)
  • Cathy Urquhart
    Grounded Theory: a tutorial
  • Gianluigi Viscusi
    Principles, Policies and Juridical Issues in E-Government Project Planning: A Methodological Framework
  • Basie von Solms
    Information Security Governance
  • Robert Wade
    Tripartite UK Information Technology and Development Workshop
  • Geoff Walsham
    Implementing Public Information Systems in Developing Countries: Learning from a Success Story
  • Kitty Warnock
    Tripartite UK Information Technology and Development Workshop
  • Leslie Willcocks
    Global Sourcing of IT and Business Services: 15 years of learning  
  • Outsourcing Services in the UK Public Sector - the Way Forward?
  • Leslie Willcocks (Chair), Chrisanthi Avgerou, Richard Baskerville, Eleni Lamprou
    The Current State of the Information Systems Field
  • Robin Williams & Neil Pollock
    The Biography of the Enterprise-Wide System: Or How SAP Conquered the World
  • David W. Wilson
    Exploring the Dynamism of Stakeholder Salience in Mega-IT Projects: some evidence from NHS middle managers
  • Shoshana Zuboff
    The Support Economy: re-inventing capitalism?


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