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Management Student Ambassadors

Meet our Management Student Ambassadors 

We aim to recruit a diverse and balanced group of Ambassadors to reflect our student body.


Our Master's programme student ambassadors are here to help you understand what it means to be part of the LSE Management community. Whether you have questions about a specific programme, the inside story on LSE campus life, or tips on making the most of life in London - they are here to answer your queries. 

Global Master's in Management


Abhishek, India 

Hello! My name is Abhishek, and I am a “third-culture kid” who grew up in Malaysia. Prior to joining LSE’s Global Master’s in Management (GMiM) programme last year, I studied a BSc (Hons) in Political Economy at King’s College London. I also had some internship experience working with IT consultancies specialising in hospital management, and have recently completed an internship in Change Management at KPMG Malaysia.

I applied to LSE because of its wonderful academic reputation, and position as a leader in the Social Sciences. When I applied to the GMiM course, there were many questions I had hoped to answer during my time as a student, and with the option to stay at the LSE in my second year, I am thrilled to say that my electives have enabled me to delve into these questions. Furthermore, as I have a wide range of academic interests beyond management, the wide variety in almost daily LSE public lectures made LSE a truly easy choice. As a current student, I have come to admire the determination, friendliness and collaborative attitude of those around me, and feel as though I have gained a new family in my GMiM cohort. 


Anooshka, India

Hey guys! I’m Anooshka from Kolkata, India. I did my Bachelors in Business Administration (specialised in Financial Management) from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. After which, I graduated with MSc Accounting and Finance from LSE. And now, I am doing my 2nd master’s, The Global MSc in Management (GMiM) also from LSE. I believe LSE is the school to be at, it’s just amazing! 

Currently, I am the LSE SU Postgraduate Students Officer and I represent 7000 Postgraduate Students i.e. 65% of the LSE student body.

After graduating from LSE, I want to go back to India to work in my family business and take it to greater heights. 


Bernice, France

Hi there! My name is Berenice. I am half-French, half-Egyptian, and I have grown up all over the Middle East. Prior to joining the GMIM cohort, I was just across the road, where I graduated from King’s College London, with a BSc (hons) in Political Economy. During my studies, I have interned at AccorHotels, and the Embassy of Egypt, where I have gained an interest in Finance and Management.

The GMIM Program at LSE represented the perfect course for me: a strong practical and theoretical curriculum, that makes you think strategically and critically alongside an amazing international cohort! 


Jannik, Germany 

Hello, I am Jannik from Germany. I hold a B.A. in Political Science and a B.Sc. in Business Administration. Before coming to London, I worked in Public Sector Consulting in Berlin.

I am convinced that an interdisciplinary approach to both academic and practical challenges yields the most fruitful results. Therefore, I am happy to continue this path by studying Management in a social science context at the LSE. The GMiM’s vibrant and international student body and the wealth of course choices make this programme truly unique.

Being passionate about contributing to society, I am glad to help you with any questions regarding the LSE and the Global Master’s in Management. 


Jelena, Germany

Hi there, I am Jelena from Hamburg, Germany and I am a first year student of the Global Master’s in Management (GMiM) programme. Before coming to LSE I studied International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Leuphana University Lüneburg. During my undergraduate degree, I also spent a semester abroad at the University of British Columbia in Canada where I focused on Political Economy and International Relations.

I am excited to be at LSE because it is such a dynamic and progressive place of learning, that is actively shaped by its student community.

To me the GMiM programme presents the ideal opportunity to build a global network, learn from your inspiring peers with diverse cultural as well as academic backgrounds and get prepared to tackle management challenges in a globalised world.


Yusuf, India

Hello, I am Yusuf – a Year 1 GMiM student from Bangalore, India. Prior to LSE, I completed my Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong in 2017. I stayed back in Hong Kong to work in a food delivery startup, which was a fantastic experience!

I am very interested in activities outside of the classroom – I have just been elected as a member of the Trustee Board for the LSE Students’ Union. I would highly encourage other postgraduate students to participate in clubs and societies because you get access to the wider LSE community which includes people from various cultural and academic backgrounds. One of the things I love the most about the GMiM program so far is its mixture of practical and theoretical learning models – we had an amazing day-long workshop about Effective Communication at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and a Strengthscope review which tells us about our “energizing traits” and how we can use them effectively in the workplace and with groups. I had never imagined that as a management student I would learn from drama actors!

I am looking forward to meeting you all and helping you with your big decision of joining the Management Department at the LSE!

Master's in Management 


Giovanni, Italy

Hello! My name is Giovanni and I hold a BSc in Political Science from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy the city where I originally come from. During my undergraduate degree, I spent a semester abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia where I took several courses in the field of business management. Before joining LSE, I was working at the European Commission in Luxembourg on European investment programmes. 

I have chosen to study in an institution that would allow me to understand the complexities of the world we live in. As a leading university in Social Sciences, LSE's MIM will truly give you a well-rounded approach in managerial decision making.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the programme!


Charmaine, Brunei

Hello there! My name is Charmaine and I was born and raised in Brunei, before moving to Singapore, Switzerland and now the UK! I am currently a student on the Master's in Management Programme. I have completed a BSc in Information Management for Business at UCL and have done internships in Barclays London, Ritz-Carlton Singapore and a boutique financial consulting firm in Shanghai. The Master's in Management Programme at LSE greatly appealed to me as it allows me to build on concepts that I have learnt in my undergraduate degree however now framed from a management perspective. 

So far, I am really enjoying the course and it has greatly exceeded my expectations. I am particularly appreciative of the diverse student cohort, who provide new perspectives and challenge me every day.


Pamina, France

Hi, my name is Pamina and I am originally from France. Prior to LSE, I completed a BA in Music at Durham University. While I did not have a background in business, I held more than 10 leadership positions at university to gain extensive hands-on experience and interned in arts management. I applied to LSE to gain a strong understanding of business, which would support me in whichever sector I choose to work in. I am hoping to pursue a career in entrepreneurship or arts consulting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Simon, Denmark

Hi there. I’m Simon from Denmark, and I hold a B.Sc. in International Business from Copenhagen Business School. During this, I spent a semester at Harvard University studying economics, finance and computer science.

There’s no shortage of great things about the MiM, but as a curious individual, I particularly enjoy how challenging the courses are. You’re pushed outside your comfort zone and invited to learn. Fortunately, the bright students around are happy to help.

Finally, I’m a student ambassador because I wish to give back to the LSE community. Help me to do so by asking all the questions you may have!

MSc Economics & Management


Gaia, Italy

Ciao! I'm Gaia from Sicily (Italy), studying MSc. Economics and Management. Before joining LSE, I graduated in Economics from the University of Manchester. My first approach with LSE was at the end of my first year, when I attended the LSE-PKU Summer School in Beijing (China). That experience introduced me to the LSE teaching and learning methods, which I find unique.

I believe that the Economics and Management program is the perfect match for curious individuals who want to improve their analytical skills through case studies involving real companies! So far I have seen how LSE and this program give exciting learning opportunities and encourage students to become better future leaders.


Ieva, Lithuania

Hi, my name is Ieva. I am currently an MSc Economics and Management student. Prior to joining LSE, I studied at the University of Bath where I graduated with a BSc Economics degree. As part of my undergraduate studies, I completed a 12-month commercial placement at L’Oréal UK&I which prompted me to apply for this particular programme at LSE.

MSc Economics and Management provides a well-balanced combination of theory and application; I am able to build on my prior knowledge in economic analysis whilst developing my ability to critically evaluate industry patterns by studying real-world business cases.

LSE is full of great opportunities to expand your network, challenge yourself academically, and develop your personal and professional skills. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime!


Michelle, UK

Hi, I’m Michelle from the UK, studying MSc Economics and Management! Before coming to LSE, I completed a BSc in Economics from the University of Essex and worked as a Government Economist, where I gained an interest in specialising in firms and markets.

E&M equips me with exceptional analytical training in economics and management and an unparalleled experience to develop an in-depth knowledge in firms and markets, and present effective decision-making as a well-rounded economist, contributing to thought-leading research and recommendations for governments and businesses. For me, LSE’s established global network and diverse academic space fosters incredible opportunities of a lifetime!

MSc Human Resources and Organisations


Cecilia, Brazil

Hello everyone! My name is Cecilia, but everyone calls me Ceci. I was born in Brazil but grew up in the US and Portugal before doing my bachelor’s in international relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. After working for 2 years in franchise management, I decided to apply for the MSc in Human Resources and Organisations at LSE. 

I am loving every moment here and truly believe this was the best programme I could have chosen to further my personal goals and study management in a specialised manner, focusing on HR.  

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Daniel, USA

My name is Dan, and I am a postgraduate student in the MSc Human Resources and Organisations program studying Organisational Behaviour. My interests lie in understanding the ways organisations work from a multidisciplinary perspective and focusing on psychological & sociological aspects of culture, motivation and performance within companies.

I am originally from the United States and was most recently living in New York City. Before coming to LSE, I was working in Human Resources in financial services for several years. I graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labour Relations.

I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to study in London and look forward to connecting with prospective students to help answer questions and share my experiences.

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Hiranya, India

Hello! My name is Hiranya and I’m from New Delhi, India. I joined LSE straight out of my undergraduate studies and the amount I have learnt and grown in these few weeks has been immense. Before coming to LSE, I was a student of Psychology and actively try to be as empathetic and kind I can be.

While I am looking forward to sharing my own experiences, I am also keen to listen to you! If you want to talk about what’s on your mind or even fangirl about the new shows on Netflix, I’m always available! 

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Jordan, USA

Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m currently studying in the MSc Human Resources and Organisations program with an emphasis in Organisational Behaviour. I’ve taken a unique road in getting to LSE; I studied Engineering in my undergrad and spent five years working for small engineering firms back in the United States. Working for small companies, I was able to work proactively on a lot of different areas within these organisations and soon realised my favourite work involved people and making their jobs better. I had the opportunity to design a new hire onboarding program, enhance training materials, and implement feedback systems and I absolutely loved it. This brought on my desire to study the human side of organisations.

Studying at LSE is a fantastic experience. I especially appreciate meeting so many intelligent people from so many diverse backgrounds. Combined with the incredible professors and course material offered here, LSE is the place I want to be.

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Manveen, India

Hi, I am Manveen from New Delhi, India. As long as I can trace, on occasions more than one, Human beings and their idiosyncrasies have captivated my attention. Having completed a Bachelors and Master's in Psychology, I have been acquainted with the various trajectories of the subject for five years following which I found the need to incorporate its principles and theories to the internal mechanisms of organisations. My research work during my Master's focused on the effects of Employee Assistance Programs on Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress which provided impetus to pursue a Master's in Human Resources and Organisations.

I believe, the knowledge and exposure I gain at LSE will help me in my endeavour to not only merge the field of Human Resources with Psychology but also help me station Employee Assistance Programs back in my home country - India. Life at LSE and London is without a doubt challenging, but it is surely worth it!

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MSc Management & Strategy


Manshikha, India

Hi! I am Manshikha from India. Before coming to LSE, I did BSc in Economics and Management at King’s College London. Right after my studies I joined my family business and started working on the overall business management of the company. From my previous experiences I realised that I enjoy consulting, strategising and data analysis. 

My goal of being a consultant was a major motivating factor for joining the Management and Strategy programme at LSE. This world-class degree, diversity and a network of brilliant minds at LSE will be enormous asset for future career and one of the most invaluable experiences in life. This course will ensure that I feel ready to take on new challenges in this ever-fast-moving world, build a global network and few lifelong friendships!


Meher, India

Hi, my name is Meher and I am from India. Prior to joining LSE for my masters, I worked at Accenture, London and Deloitte, Mumbai in the Digital Consulting field. I also completed my undergraduate degree in Economics from LSE in the year 2015. I am extremely excited to be part of this year’s Student Ambassadors cohort.

I chose the MSc. Management and Strategy program because of LSE’s incomparable reputation, my interest to study Economics from a managerial perspective and to build knowledge for a career in Strategy Consulting.

I am having an exceptional experience so far and look forward to sharing my experiences as a student ambassador this year.

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation


Dragana, Serbia

Hi! My name is Dragana and I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm currently studying on the MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation programme. I recently finished my Bachelor studies in Economics, and now I’m fulfilling one of my long term goals - to study at the LSE and live in London. Apart from that, during the last two years of my bachelor studies I have worked in one of the companies that is building the innovation ecosystem in Serbia  - working with both startups and corporations on innovation projects. That’s what got me interested in this programme as well as my interest in emerging technologies and how they influence and shape the today's market as well as the society itself. I love travelling and exploring hidden gems of London in my free time. 


Maximilian, Germany

Hi, I am Maximilian, a 22-year old scholar from Germany. Previously I studied Computer Science on an undergraduate level before doing postgraduate studies focusing on Int. Relations, Diplomacy and Economic History both at the University of Oxford. Appreciating the value of social science, I decided to continue my studies at LSE in the MISDI course to enhance my understanding of it. I value the focus on Information Systems from a socio-technical standpoint since it also amplifies my previous software engineering expertise.

Following my interests in technology, my brother and I founded a company a few years ago as a project to publish apps on the `iOS AppStore´. We have been managing the business ever since expanding into areas of digital consulting as well as tailored software development for other companies.


Sergej, Turkmenistan

My name is Sergej. I am 25 years old (2019) and am currently studying Information Systems (MISDI) at the LSE.

For four years I worked as a project manager, launching new markets. This experience taught me a lot about people management, research skills (professional Googler), agile working, and IT development. Future goal is to become an entrepreneur.

In my free time I like swimming, learning programming, Farsi, and reading – a proud (social) geek J

Very excited to be your Student Ambassador! My aim is to make you’re experience at the LSE better. Can’t wait to meet you in person. 


Stanley, USA

Hi everyone! My name is Stanley, and I am originally from the Bay Area, California. My first degree was in Political Science and International Relations. After graduation, I worked briefly as a Project Manager for Uber Technologies and then in Strategic Partnerships for Walmart eCommerce. I am interested in the process of implementing successful IT business strategies, and I hope that my time at LSE will allow me to help large organisations pursue digital business models. Another area of interest for me is data governance and privacy, as I am curious about the challenges that technology companies face in terms of regulation and consumer pushback. 

In my free time, I am an avid home cook. I love to travel and explore different types of street food, aiming to recreate the perfect recipe at home. I also play the piano and love going to music concerts with my friends or taking spontaneous road trips down the coast of California.

MSc Marketing


Alison, Hong Kong

Greetings, I am Alison from Hong Kong. After graduating with a B.A. in politics and international studies from the University of Warwick, I worked as a copywriter for a year in Shanghai.

I knew I wanted to study marketing after realising the critical role market research plays in the dissemination of ideas. I knew LSE was the right choice for me due to the MSc’s holistic approach to marketing – combining fundamental theories with data-driven tools in addressing strategic decisions. I really enjoy my course and can’t wait to take on the real world with my new skillset!


Ayesha, India

Hi everyone! My name is Ayesha. I am currently pursuing an Msc in Marketing at LSE. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Surrey and have worked as a research assistant at Kings College London. I also have a passion for volunteering. Currently, I volunteer as a social media marketing officer at Clean Break Theatre Company. I believe, with the immense support you receive from faculty members and your cohort at LSE, you can easily manage your workload and find time to engage in the other activities that interest you. Moreover, the department of management arranges skill workshops and fun social gatherings, which have all made my time at LSE extremely enjoyable. 


Philip, UK

Hi there! My name is Philip and I am currently enrolled on the one year MSc Marketing programme at LSE. Prior to this, I had completed a degree in BA (Hons) Business & Management with a Year in Industry at the University of Kent, where I had the the opportunity to take part in a 12-month Marketing placement with two not-for-profit organisations based in Greater London. This experience fuelled my passion and desire to study for a degree in Marketing, one which is able to provide me with the practical skills in data analysis and knowledge in marketing strategy to thrive in a data-driven economy.

I am super excited to get hands on with my degree and to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge gained to make a difference in the real world, and to discover how sustainability can be achieved through marketing. I look forward to sharing my experience of studying at LSE with you all.

MSc Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Nino, Georgia

Hello! My name is Nino, often referred to as Ninutsa. I come from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’m a tech enthusiast with an academic background in social sciences and public policy and more than nine years of experience in community empowerment through technologies and education. I believe that social entrepreneurship and creative problem solving can transform the livelihoods of many. That is why it is a thrilling opportunity to be studying on an MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at LSE with the Chevening Scholarship. This journey has already been fascinating, with stellar professors, remarkable classmates and multiple happenings around the campus.