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Frequently asked questions

For MRes/PhD programme applicants.


What are the entry requirements?

The minimum entry requirements for the MRes/PhD in Management is a very good undergraduate degree (2:1 or above) and preferably a MSc degree (or equivalent) in a closely related discipline. We do not require any GRE/GMAT scores but you will be required to provide this documentation to the School if accepted onto the programme. Visit our Entry Requirements page for further details.

What are the English language requirements?

If English is not your first language, and your previous degree was not taught entirely in English, you will be required to provide evidence of your English language ability. View details of language requirements

Can I do the MRes/PhD part-time?

Unfortunately we do not accept part-time applications. The MRes/PhD programme is a significant undertaking and students will have regular taught courses throughout the week, as well as being required to attend seminars and workshops. When not attending formalised teaching and seminars, students will be independently researching, as well as teaching undergraduate and Master's students. In exceptional circumstances students can seek permission from the Department and School to switch to part time after their first year.

What about supervision?

You will be assigned a supervisor when you enter the programme. In addition, when preparing your materials for consideration to upgrade from MRes to PhD status, you will be assigned two assessors who will read that material and judge your progress. Normally one will then continue to act as your second supervisor. They will be available for informal consultations and prepared to take over supervision if, for example, your supervisor takes sabbatical leave. Students can make formal arrangements for dual supervision, either with two members of their track faculty group or with someone from a different department.

If you are interested in contacting a member of faculty regarding your application or supervision options please direct your enquiry to the PhD Office at who will be able to assist you in identifying the most suitable member of staff. 

What should I include in my research proposal?

Unlike some PhD programmes, the research proposal that you submit at the time of application is not a binding plan for your next 4 to 5 years of work. We do not expect MSc students to have a fully developed and detailed research proposal, in fact it is often preferred if students do not try to narrow down to own specific topic or study at the time of application as these narrowtopics are often not sufficient to base an entire PhD around. Instead, we expect a research proposal to indicate that you can have research ideas and that you can research relevant work around these areas.  

Why do I have to do courses in the first two years of the programme?

The MRes/PhD in Management at LSE aims to produce world class researchers in the field. In order for students to be able to undertake research at this level the Department believes that students must have a sufficient range of 'tools' to do so. It therefore requires that its students complete, and pass to the required standard, a range of courses in order to provide them with these tools and techniques that can be applied in their research. 

Can I visit LSE as a Visiting Research Student (VRS)?

VRS status at LSE allows research students at other universities to spent up to 9 months (renewable) at the School at the discretion of the department. 

Is there a residency requirement?

In exceptional circumstances, students may be granted permission to reside outside the UK during their period of registration at the School. Permission is required from the Department and the School who will set any conditions that will apply. Non-resident registration status will not normally be permitted in the first year or in any subsequent years where a student is required to attend classes at the School.