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Frequently asked questions

For MRes/PhD programme applicants.

PhD programme applications are currently closed for 2019/20. We will be introducing an amended structure for 2020/21, and will release an update in due course.


How should I apply?

Applications must be submitted via LSE’s Online Application System and are processed through the LSE’s central Graduate Admissions Office.

What are the entry requirements?

Entry requirements for the MRes/PhD Economics are stated on the departmental prospectus page. See also the LSE Minimum Entry Requirements including information for international students.

For details about the programme itself, see the Management Department Research Programmes  and the prospectus pages.  See also details of the MRes/PhD Economics coursework requirements.

What should my application include?

Your application should include:

  • An application form
  • Application fee
  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts
  • Two academic references
  • GRE scores
  • Research proposal
  • A separate list of all the courses you are currently taking and/or will be taking (if you are currently undertaking a degree programme)
  • English language test scores (if applicable - see English language requirements)

For a full explanation of what you need to supply, please see Graduate Admissions advice on How to Apply and guide to Supporting Documents.

How can I get help with the application process?

Questions about the mechanics of the application process should be submitted to LSE’s central Graduate Admissions Office and not to the Department.  Please see the LSE website index for graduate applicants as well as Graduate Admissions Office’s tailored guidance for prospective applicantsapplicants in progress and applicants under consideration. You can also track your application and find out how to carry out the most common tasks online using the “How Do I” page. See also the admissions enquiries system.

For any additional queries please get in touch with the Graduate Admissions Office.  To email Graduate Admissions, please first try to find the answer to your question by running a search on the online enquiries system where you are given the option to 'send a written enquiry' directly to Graduate Admissions.

Do I need to submit a Written Sample?

No, applicants to the MRes/PhD Management are not required to submit a sample of their written work.  We will, however, require a Research Proposal.

What should I include in my research proposal?

For the content of your personal statement and research proposal, please see Graduate Admissions advice on How to Apply and guide to Supporting Documents.  Your research proposal is an indication of your research interests, how you developed and how you intend to pursue them. We recognise that your research interests will continue to develop while you complete our taught courses, so the proposal does not entail a commitment and you will be able to refocus and redefine your proposal later on in the programme before you begin work on the first chapter of your PhD thesis. The admission committee will judge the proposal purely on its potential to produce high quality research, regardless of the field or topic.

Do I need to submit a GRE/GMAT score?

All applicants must have taken either the GRE General Test or GMAT and must include the test score with their application. For details of how to take the test and other relevant details, see the ETS website or the LSE website.

Can I request an exemption on the GRE/GMAT score requirement?

No. The GRE/GMAT score requirement is irrespective of academic background and cannot be waived for anyone applying to the MRes/PhD Management

Should I submit an English Language test score?

If English is not your first language or if the language of instruction for your entire first degree is not English, you will need to provide evidence of your command of English. You do not need to have the required test scores when you apply, but they will form a condition of any offer that you receive and would have to be achieved before you register to commence your studies at the LSE. 

The Graduate Admissions Office provides detailed information for international students  including English language requirements.

Is the MRes/PhD Management offered on a part-time basis?

Unfortunately we do not accept part-time applications. The MRes/PhD programme is a significant undertaking and students will have regular taught courses throughout the week, as well as being required to attend seminars and workshops. When not attending formalised teaching and seminars, students will be independently researching, as well as teaching undergraduate and Master's students. In exceptional circumstances students can seek permission from the Department and School to switch to part time after their first year.

Is there a separate process to apply for MRes/PhD Management funding?

There is no separate process to apply for any funding which is administered and awarded by the LSE - as a matter of normal procedure, all applicants who are offered a place on our MRes/PhD Management would be considered for all types of funding at our disposal and for which they are eligible, on the basis of the information submitted in their application - see Costs & Financial Aid (please check regularly for 2018 information updates).

As competition for places is very high and competition for funding is even more intense, we may not be able to offer funding to all MRes/PhD students, hence applicants are advised to actively explore all sources of potential funding – see information in the School's Financial Support Office pages (please check regularly for 2018 information updates).  Students are expected to take up a place on the MRes/PhD Management only if they have funds in place to finish the degree.

Will my financial status be a factor in the selection process?

Admissions decisions are made on the basis of academic merit alone, without any reference to an applicant’s financial situation. Applicants who are able to fund themselves or succeed in securing a scholarship or sponsorship from any source will be considered for entry to the programme in exactly the same way as applicants who have no funding in place. The same procedures and standards apply to all applicants competing for entry.

Why do I have to do courses in the first two years of the programme?

The MRes/PhD in Management at LSE aims to produce world class researchers in the field. In order for students to be able to undertake research at this level the Department believes that students must have a sufficient range of 'tools' to do so. It therefore requires that its students complete, and pass to the required standard, a range of courses in order to provide them with these tools and techniques that can be applied in their research.

Is there a residency requirement?

In exceptional circumstances, students may be granted permission to reside outside the UK during their period of registration at the School. Permission is required from the Department and the School who will set any conditions that will apply. Non-resident registration status will not normally be permitted in the first year or in any subsequent years where a student is required to attend classes at the School.