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About Us

This website provides access to the outputs (resources and journal articles) from the Student Diversity and Academic Writing Project that is conducted jointly by the London School of Economics and Lancaster University Management School. The project was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) under the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL). Funding was awarded in 2004. Project activities began in January 2005 and concluded in December 2007. Additional funding for a transferability phase for further work was awarded in 2006 and took place during 2008.

The Project Team

The Project Team is made up of Professor Lucas Introna (principal investigator), Dr Niall Hayes and Dr Anja Timm all from Lancaster University Management School and based in the Department of Organisation, Work & Technology and Dr Edgar Whitley from the London School of Economics, Department of Management, Information Systems and Innovation Group. Dr. Anja Timm, the project’s coordinator has since moved into the post of Senior Research Fellow in Education at Southampton University.

The project benefitted greatly from the input of its steering group, which was chaired by Professor Chris Park from Lancaster University. Its members included: Professor Rosemary Deem (University of Bristol), Professor Roz Ivanic (Lancaster University), Beatrice Merrick (UKCISA), Susan Glover and Lynne Osborne (British Council, Manchester) and Roz Richards / Sarah Brewer from Reading University. Dr Fiona Duggan was a co-applicant for the HEFCE grant. She was originally based at JISC PAS in Newcastle. Since its re-organisation she is continuing her activities from within the Higher Education Academy.

Our work was also supported by the Teaching and Learning units in the two institutions; the steering group included originally Terry Wareham and later Paul Rodaway (CELT, Lancaster University) and Liz Barnett (Teaching & Learning Centre, London School of Economics). For two years we were also joined by the LSE Student Union Education and Welfare Officers, Sian Errington and Alexandra Vincenti.

Over the duration of the project we had two project monitors from within the Higher Education Academy. Initially we were supported by Steve Outram and later by Professor Brenda Smith. We are grateful for their input and involvement at the various stages.

Project activities were overseen by the external evaluator, Jude Carroll (Oxford Brookes University). We are extremely grateful for her help and support.


In addition the project team would also like to thank the following individuals who have contributed to the project in many different ways:

In Lancaster Jean Yates and other members of the administrative team in the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology have been extremely supportive of the project throughout. We also benefitted from the input of Dr Amelia Hunt, Jane Sheriff, Marion McClintock, Gill Burgess, Dr Tony Luxon, Dr Moira Peelo and Susan Armitage. Richard Evans has been an enthusiastic facilitator of all out web-based activities. We would also like to thank staff from Lancaster University Television and from the Audio-Visual Unit for their help and technical support.

We are grateful especially for the input from Xiaojing Min and Chris Smithson who interviewed international students on camera. In our research activities we were supported by: Dr Lynne Blair, Dr Angie Chandler, Chris Fenton, Dominic Duckett, Eliot Simangunsong and Li (Jenny) Hongyan. who contributed to various elements of the project.

In London our work was supported by Dr Peter Levin, Dr Jane Secker and the departmental administation team in the Information Systems and Innovation Group and Chenwei Zhu. Alex Grous from the LSE provided research assistance to the project. Additional research work was conducted by Dimitra Koutsantoni from City University, London.

Whilst conducting research in China, India and Greece we visited many different higher education institutions who generously allowed us to conduct interviews, to sit in on lectures and to visit their libraries, etc. Our overseas research visits were also supported by the British Council offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, in Beijing and Shanghai as well as in Delhi and Mumbai. In addition, various agents and organisations in all three countries made time to talk to us.

We are grateful to the many students who have been willing to report and explain to us their previous educational experiences in China, India and Greece (either in situ or once they had arrived to start programmes at British institutions). In particular, we are grateful to several cohorts of students from the MSc ITMOC (LUMS) and the MSc ADMIS (LSE) who inspired and supported the work on this project.

At the two partner institutions – LSE and in Lancaster – many individuals from different units and departments were willing to give their time in terms of being interviewed about departmental practices and generally helpful in terms of providing information that was relevant to the project.

In early September 2007 the project conference was held in Lancaster. Videos and powerpoints from the various presentations are included on this website. We would like to take this opportunity to thank again the various presenters for their contributions. Teresa Wisniewska was our capapble and extremely helpful conference organiser.


Stef Strong has been our web designer and developer. Her work speaks for itself. At the LSE, we have been supported through the work of Mike Cushman in the Information Systems and Innovation Group who is our Webmaster.


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