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Vincent Hotyat

PhD student in Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour


Vincent is a doctoral researcher in management, specialising in international employment relations and organisational behaviour. In 2000, Vincent earned an MSc in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at the LSE and completed his Master’s dissertation under the supervision of Professor Jackie Coyle-Shapiro. Prior to his MSc, Vincent studied at the University of California Berkeley (Finance and Marketing) and at the University of Brussels (Law).

During the last decade, Vincent worked as a management consultant with KPMG and as a lobbyist and researcher for the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU/PSI), and subsequently became the youngest member of the Executive committee of Belgium’s National Lottery. Vincent led the strategy, business development and R&D of the latter. He was also a member of the international team responsible for the launch and management of the pan-European game ‘EuroMillions’, and afterwards became EuroMillions President.

Since 2002, Vincent has also been involved in many Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives. He set up and coordinated the Coalition for Green and Social Procurement, an international coalition of social, environmental and fair trade NGOs (Social Platform, Oxfam, WWF, Greenpeace, EDF, EFTA, EEB, Climate Action Network, Clean Clothes Campaign) and trade unions campaigning and lobbying for the inclusion of social and environmental criteria in public procurement. Subsequently, Vincent developed his CSR expertise as a member of the World Lottery and European Lottery Associations’ CSR expert teams. He actively contributed to the drafting and launch of the lottery industry standards, and regularly spoke on CSR at international CEO and management conventions and seminars around the world.

Vincent is passionate about innovation, social and organisational change. His strong interest in bridging the divide between research and practice as well as in teaching motivated him to pursue a PhD at the LSE. Born in Brussels, Vincent is trilingual French-English-Dutch and has an intermediate knowledge of Portuguese.

Research Interests

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Global Production Networks - Global Value Chains
  • social Dialogue in MNCs
  • Innovation Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Employee-Organisation Relationship


  • Core Business Disciplines II
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards
  • Corporate and Organisational Strategy
  • Organisational Behaviour


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