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Silvia Masiero

PhD student in Information Systems and Innovation


I am a PhD Candidate in Information Systems at the LSE Department of Management. I am also a Bagri Fellow at the LSE Asia Research Centre, and a former Affiliated Researcher at the Centre of Development Studies (CDS) Trivandrum, India.

I have a degree in Economics of International Markets and the New Technologies, awarded with honors by Bocconi University (Milan), and a Master of Science in Development Management, awarded with Distinction by LSE. My PhD work is on the impact of digital technologies on the Indian Public Distribution System (PDS), the biggest food security net in the Indian subcontinent. Bridging the spheres of information systems and development management, I have assessed the role of ICTs in reforming the PDS at the state level, and the mechanisms through which state-citizen interactions in this food security scheme are reshaped and reconstructed by new technologies.

My broader research focus is on the use of ICTs in the design and implementation of anti-poverty programmes, as well as in the management of humanitarian emergencies. As a member of the LSE Conflict Research Group, I focus on the digitalization of accountability structures in war zones: my work on service provision in the refugee camps of the West Bank is recounted in the book “The Palestinian Dilemma”, published in September 2012. The same research interest brought me to Sierra Leone, to study the role of ICTs in the construction of participatory state-citizen interactions after conflict. Underpinning my research is a focus on capability enhancement through ICTs, and on the use of digital technologies in the development of governance and accountability structures.


Title: Imagining the State through Digital Technologies: A Case of State-Level Computerization in the Indian Public Distribution System

Abstract: My thesis focuses on the role of public sector ICTs in reconstructing the image of the state, as conceived by developing country citizens. Drawing on contemporary readings of the Gramscian politics of the governed, I look at the Indian Public Distribution System (PDS), a food security net based on subsidization of foodgrains to the poor, as it is locally computerized in the state of Kerala. My results, derived through an in-depth case study, confirm and dismiss theory at the same time: on the one hand, the state uses new technologies for reshaping its image, and indeed the very nature of its service provision. On the other hand, though, the loci of image formation that are found in citizens (direct experience, social networks, and political circuits) systematically escape control by governmental action, and seem to be only marginally touched by the ICT-induced reinvention of government. It seems, therefore, that the capacity of the state to reconstruct its image, through the usage of new technologies, is limited by the nature of the spaces of image formation which citizens experience in their daily lives.


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