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Roser Pujadas

PhD student in Information Systems and Innovation

Research Interests

Thesis: 'Designing for Collaboration and Innovation in Teaching Practices: a Case Study of a Learning Design Support Environment'

In the field of education, several learning design systems and authoring tools have been built to assist teachers in planning their strategies to support learning, and facilitate sharing education resources and practices.

My research is based on a case study of a learning design support environment (LDSE), which is in the process of being designed. The aim of the LDSE is to build a collaborative environment in which academics can share good teaching practices and reuse learning designs in different contexts and it is envisaged to encourage teaching innovation.

While ICTs have the potential to support collaboration and knowledge sharing, and they have also been associated to processes of innovation, research in IS has widely documented that technical characteristics do not determine outcomes and social, institutional, behavioural aspects need to be accounted for. In my research I will analyse what are the processes and structures needed to support teaching knowledge-sharing and I will discuss the challenges to achieve teaching innovation by design.



 Roser Pujadas