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Christian Busch

PhD student in Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour


Christian studied management and politics in Mexico City, Moscow, Furtwangen, and London, resulting in a B.A in Politics, a BSc in Management and an MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance (LSE). He enjoyed working in a variety of jobs, from consulting companies in Mexico (at the Chamber of Commerce) and Germany (IB Consulting) to representing the Saxon Prime Minister.

At LSE he served as president of the Corporate Social Responsibility Society, co-founded the PhD Steering Committee, and acted as PhD representative for the Management Department.

Christian serves on several committees and boards, and has been awarded grants and scholarships from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, LSE, Haniel, and other funding bodies. Christian's work has been covered by France24, BBC, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, The Irish Times, Stern, Your Story India, TechCrunch, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Huffington Post.

He has been invited to present his work at both academic and practitioner conferences, most recently at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Research Interests

Christian's academic interests lie in the area of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, social networks/communities, and business model innovation, and he teaches several related MSc courses at LSE.

Linked to his research, Christian acts as the Associate Director of the LSE's Innovation and Co-Creation Lab|. He is also the co-founder of Sandbox|, a global incubator supporting outstanding young innovators around the world, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors.

Chris has been named as one of The Economist's 'Ideas People', JCI London's 'Ten Outstanding Young Persons', a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum (WEF), a TEDster, and a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). His recent TEDx-talk 'Building and scaling Impact Organisations' can be found here|.


Publications and Papers

  • Busch, C. (forthcoming): Towards a social enterprise typology; in David J. Ketchen, Donald D. Bergh (eds.): Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Vol. 9, Emerald Group Publishing: xx-xx.
  • Busch, C., & Barkema, H. G. (under preparation): Social venture growth via dynamic network development – A typology. Prepared for Academy of Management Review.
  • Busch, C., & Barkema, H.G. (forthcoming): Business Model Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid. Workshop presentation, Academy of Management Africa Conference 2013, Johannesburg.


  • Busch, C. (forthcoming): Substantiating social entrepreneurship research: Exploring the potential of integrating social capital and networks approaches. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, xx xx, (forthcoming).
  • Busch, C. (forthcoming): Impact via innovation communities. Harvard Business Review Blog (forthcoming).


  • Busch, C. (2012): Scaling cross-sector partnerships. European Science Open Forum  (ESOF) 2012, Dublin.


  • Sandbox (2012): The Playbook: A guidebook for entrepreneurial life. New York: Bloomberg BusinessWeek (co-editor).


  • Busch, C., & Barkema, H. G. (2012): Dynamic social networks, venture growth, and social enterprise performance: A typology. Academy of Management Conference Annual Meeting 2012, Boston.    
  • Busch, C. (2011): Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid. Cross-sector colloquium, Oxford University, Oxford.


  • Busch, C., (2011). Social networks and social venture performance at the Base of the Pyramid. Research Colloquium, London School of Economics, London.
  • Busch, C. (2010): Social entrepreneurs as social brokers. Academy of Management Conference Annual Meeting 2010, Chicago.

Recent public speaking engagements

TEDxMiltonKeynes: "Building and nurturing communities for positive change"|

TEDxGoodenough: "The Emergence of the Impact Organization"|

TEDxBucharest: "Creating Impact Organizations"|

TEDxLSE: "Leveraging Impact Organizations"|

Royal Society of Arts: "Complementing virtual and offline networks"|


MG437 Business Model Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid|

MG428 Enterprise Development|

MG450 Social Network Analysis and Strategies|

ESADE: Impact Entrepreneurship