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Boyi Li

PhD candidate in Information Systems and Innovation


Boyi Li is pursuing a PhD in the Information Systems and Innovation Group (ISIG) within the Department of Management. He holds a bachelor degree in Economic Information Management from Renmin University of China, and a master degree (Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, ADMIS) from LSE.  

Boyi’s research aims to understand the emergence of virtual industrial networks that are enabled by e-commerce platforms, and the significance of such virtual networks for the logic of clustering in geographic locations. By focusing on the ongoing internet-enabled industrial clustering phenomena in China, his doctoral thesis explores a socio-technical process of how individuals and institutions, in China’s socio-economic and cultural context, form up complex collaboration networks via the medium of both material place and cyberspace. This research contributes to the understanding of how the business network emerged in cyberspace can be materialised in a local context of geographic place. 

This research project receives substantial help from the Alibaba Group and Chinese local governments in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. It is also generously sponsored by the Great Britain-China Centre with a Chinese PhD Student Award. 

Boyi is a member of International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP), WG 9.4 Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries, and the SIG Global Development (SIG-GlobDev), Association of Information Systems (AIS). He is also serving as the deputy chair of Renmin University Alumni Association in UK.

Research interests

  • ICT-enabled Industrial Clustering and Regional Development
  • Embeddedness Theory and Networked Sociality 
  • Development and Political Economy
  • Chinese ICT Policy




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Boyi Li