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Ana Barcus

PhD student in Management Science


Ms. Barcus is an accomplished management consultant specialising in management of complex, multi-phase software development and system optimization projects that cover a multitude of applications, platforms and methodologies. Furthering her MBA research, she returns to academe to research the practice of decision making in IT project management.

Research Interests

Thesis: Exploring Decision Making Processes in-situ, in-actu, in-toto: An empirical study of decision making processes in medium software development projects [working title]

Subject areas: Management of Complex Software Projects;   Decision Making; Strategy Implementation; Management Cognition; Practice of Management

This research is exploratory and descriptive, seeking to understand the role objectives play in decision-making during the project delivery phase. The use of objectives will be analysed to determine if there are patterns in how objectives are introduced, if there is differentiation between types of objectives (e.g. strategic, operational, tactical), if objectives are structured and if multiple hierarchies of objectives' are conceptualised. 


Publications and Papers