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Workplace Mavericks Research Group

What is the Workplace Mavericks Research Group?

In a joint collaboration headed by Dr Elliroma Gardiner| (LSE) and Professor Chris Jackson| (UNSW), the Workplace Mavericks Research Group conducts research into what predicts, drives and encourages maverick behaviour in the workplace. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that mavericks in the workplace, mavericks like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, make a meaningful difference to the survival, competitiveness and profitability of a company. However, what is less known is exactly how these individuals make a difference. Our group is concerned with answering the question - What makes a maverick a maverick? Through our empirical research, the group aims to devise practical suggestions for how businesses can better identify, manage and develop mavericks in their organisation. 

What is a maverick and why are they important to study?

A maverick is someone who is creative, independently minded and goal focused. Mavericks are individualists and are by their very nature “different”. Mavericks uniquely see risks as opportunities and they achieve success in novel and unorthodox ways. Their persuasiveness and determination coupled with their knack for succeeding where others have failed, makes them an asset for businesses looking to create and maintain a competitive edge. 

How is the research conducted?

Typically the groups’ research involves full-time workers completing a range of surveys and behavioural tasks through an online lab. The questionnaires usually assess personality, working and leadership styles and the experimental tasks look at various behaviours ranging from decision-making to creativity. Participation is completely voluntary and the group welcomes participation from workers in all regions and industries.   

Who is this research relevant to?

Our research is likely to be of interest to managers and HR professionals as well as entrepreneurs and those in the creative industries. 

How can I take part?

If you or your organisation is interested in learning more about our research or taking part in one of our studies please email your contact details to|.