Current research

We have completed our main data collection but are already planning future research projects and are always open for new research partnerships. We are currently in the process of writing research and practitioner articles as well as liaising with the press.

Through the research of decision-making under uncertainty programme we were able to develop a risk watch map. It is a tool to enable people to compare risk perceptions across the UK according to postcode areas. Specifically, it gives details of how people in the 124 national postcode areas of the UK have rated the importance as well as the likelihood of a number of current hazards, such as crimes against them or their property, identity theft, bird flu or climate change.

Please have a look at our national Risk Watch Map|.

Research briefs

KBS Working paper: Report of a Pilot Study of Uncertainty, Decision-Making and Communication of Information about Climate Change and Food Safety (PDF 1.39MB)

Conference posters

Soane, E., Clough H., Lunn, R. and Narendran, S. (2008). The associations between life stage, political affiliation, and perceptions of climate change: applications to interpretive communities and the communication of risk, Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Chicago, November (download PDF 136KB)

Soane, E. (2007). Use of heuristics, the influence of emotions, and the effects of framing on decisions about climate change and food safety. Poster presented to the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Long Beach, November (download PDF 88KB)

Soane, E. (2007). The effects of individual differences and demographic factors on responses to uncertainty about climate change and food safety. Poster presented to the Risk and Rationalities conference, Cambridge, May (download PDF 236KB)