Most people have to make decisions about complex and multi-faceted hazards on an everyday basis. The uncertainty surrounding many potential hazards e.g. food safety related diseases, such as salmonella, as well as problems linked to climate change, such as flooding, creates challenges both for scientists who seek to understand, predict and communicate hazards more effectively, and for members of the public who are faced with making decisions.

This project aims to help people make effective decisions in situations involving risk and uncertainty by improving communication between the public and the scientific community as well as governing bodies. Through the fostering of bi-lateral communication we aim to maximise understanding on both sides.

The project examines the science of uncertainty from a multi-disciplinary perspective with team members from multiple scientific areas, such as Biology, Oceanography, Psychology, Engineering and Zoonosis and other disciplines including Statistics, Business and Economics.

This project was funded by the EPRSC grant number EP/E01951X/1.

Principal Investigators

Iljana Schubert
Research Officer
London School of Economics

Dr Emma Soane
Senior Lecturer
London School of Economics

Sunitha Narendran
Principal Lecturer, Kingston Business School

Peter Challenor
Head of the Laboratory for Satellite Oceanography
National Oceanography Centre

Professor Mike Christie
Deputy Head of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering,
Heriot-Watt University

Dr. Helen Clough
Lecturer, National Centre for Zoonosis Research
University of Liverpool

Dr. Rebecca Lunn
Reader, Department of Civil Engineering
University of Strathclyde

Dr. David Newman
Lecturer, School of Management and Economics
Queen's University Belfast

Professor Simon Pollard
Head of the Department of Sustainable Systems
School of Industrial & Manufacturing Science
Cranfield University

Professor Stephen Senn
Senior Researcher in pharmaceutical statistics
Glasgow University