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Policy Engagement Network

 The Policy Engagement Network (PEN) is a cross-disciplinary initiative to conduct national and globally policy-relevant research. The primary objective of PEN is to inform policy deliberation through linking academic research with pressing policy issues.

To further this goal we build and nurture relationships with policy-makers, regulators, government agencies, parliamentarians around the world and international organisations. Through these relationships we are able to identify the policy areas that require the greatest and immediate attention. We bring international experts from academia, industry, government, and civil society together to inform our work so that we may bring the key ideas and knowledge into the policy-making process.

'Engagement' is the essential research strategy to our work. We host dozens of workshops every year at the LSE, and we have run forums and conferences around the world. We present our work at dozens of international conferences every year, and regularly give evidence and provide reports to Parliaments, regulators, policy-makers and industry.

Coordinators: Mr Simon Davies and Dr Gus Hosein.

Key advisors include:

Reports and publications

PEN papers

Media opinion pieces

Other reports

  • UN report on Terrorism and Privacy, the UN Special Rapporteur on Terrorism and Human Rights was advised by Gus Hosein for this report to the UN Human Rights Council. December 2009
  • A Privacy Impact Assessment for UN High Commissioner for Refugees on biometric registration systems, April 2009.

Research and engagement domains

Our research and engagement work is diverse, and ever-changing. In the following links, we outline the current areas of focus, some of our earlier research, and some of our reports.