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Pensions Tomorrow, a new initiative launched by the LSE with seed funding from Pension Corporation, intends to stimulate and contribute to a debate on how to take pension systems forward – both in the UK and internationally – over the coming years by offering high-quality and timely analysis as well as independent peer-reviewed research.

Our mission statement is simple: It is how to structure the future provision of pensions, taking into account wider economic, demographic and societal considerations at home but also abroad.


Over recent years pension reforms have been high on the political agenda in most developed countries and much has been achieved to make state pension systems fiscally more sustainable in the light of demographic change. In many developed countries this has been achieved - at least ex ante - by encouraging greater private sector and personal involvement. Equally, many governments in emerging economies and developing countries have been pursuing their own pension reform agendas.

Most observers would argue, however, that societies have not reached the end of the reform process; indeed, dealing with pensions may always remain "work in progress" as new information becomes available - such as on trends in life expectancy - and as societies evolve. Furthermore, additional effort will most likely be required to ensure that the desired outcomes will eventually materialise.

Given the complexities of the issues involved, Pensions Tomorrow believes that a multi-disciplinary approach is required to make this contribution. A key objective is that its output will be relevant and timely for a broad range of stakeholders, including national governments, international institutions, businesses, the financial services, capital markets and the wider research community.

More information can be found in the Pensions Tomorrow's white paper| (PDF 216KB)

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