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Programme Director: Dr Patrik Karrberg

Department of Management
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE


Network Economy Forum


Our objective is to establish the leading European forum for dissemination and debate about telecommunications and internet policy research. Our aim during the first year is to provide leadership for the European network economy community and to expand in 2013 with trans-Atlantic engagement as well as activities on the periphery of Europe.  

The outcome of this activity will contribute to a significant rise in the level of sophistication and careful use of high quality studies by all parties involved in the network economy.  The current status of policy discussion in Europe is poor in comparison with North America and East Asia, as indicated by both the persistence of antagonisms and misunderstandings at the policy level and the related inefficiencies in the operations of the network economy.  We believe that we are capable of raising the level of debate and fostering better practices in improving, for example, the match between industry capabilities and policy objectives for upgrading broadband infrastructure and its economic utility.

Workshop format

The format of Chatham House Rules in the workshops has already been successfully tried out at our first event in June 2011. The feed-back is that the resulting community building is much appreciated by leading regulators and ensures a unique atmosphere for straightforward and honest exchange of opinions among leading opinion makers and scholars. 

As a first workshop, followed by a planned conference planned for November (TBC), each workshop (total of three within a 12 month period) aims at focus on a relevant theme for industry and regulators. At each workshop the theme will be discussed in two sessions on “industry”, and “regulation” respectively.

Apart from advancing discussions and exchange of views, a brief “Progress Report” will be released after each workshop highlighting the topics discussed without references to individual participators or their respective company. At the annual conference these reports will be an integrated part of the programme. 

Between events a multi-authored blog, a newsletter, and webpage provide opportunities for on-line participants who are not invited to the events to follow the progress of the Forum.


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