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Research initiatives

  • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    An influential and authoritative journal which is essential reading for all academics and practitioners interested in work and employment relations. It is the highest ranked European journal in the Industrial Relations & Labour category of the Social Sciences Citation Index. It is published by Blackwell in conjunction with the School and is edited by Professor Carola Frege.
  • The Identity Policy 
    LSE research on Identity Policy follows on from the LSE Identity Project which specifically addressed the (now abandoned) proposals to introduce biometric identity cards in the UK. The challenge of identifying oneself in online transactions did not disappear with the scrapping of the Identity Cards Scheme in 2010 and LSE Identity Policy researchers are working closely with the Cabinet Office to facilitate ways that people, businesses and devices will be able to verify their identity online in order to better access and transact with public services. In particular, Dr Edgar Whitley is a key member of the Cabinet Office’s Identity Assurance Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group. This group has developed an influential set of privacy principles which were described by Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office as being “all about putting the citizen in charge, not the state. LSE identity policy work is not limited to the UK with Dr Whitley working with the InterAmerican Development Bank in facilitating a series of high level policy workshops on identity and civil registration for governments in Latin America and the Caribbean including Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Jamaica. 
  • Innovation Co-Creation Lab
    The Innovation Co-Creation Lab (ICCLab) is a partnership between leading academics, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and companies seeking to reduce poverty and promote basic human freedoms through successful business model innovation. We co-create evidence-based management knowledge and put it into practice at the base of the economic pyramid.
  • LSE Tech - internet and communications economics, policy and strategy
    LSE Tech is a research group at LSE’s Department of Management active in the area of innovation and technology management. It has expertise in research and analysis of organisations, industries, markets and policies. The team is led by Dr Jonathan Liebenau, Reader in Technology Management.
  • Mobility@LSE 
    The mobility@lse unit researches contemporary issues related to the development and use of mobile and ubiquitous information technology.
  • The Outsourcing Unit
    An initiative that researches global issues surrounding outsourcing at the international, governmental and corporate levels.
  • Radical Innovation,Team Processes and Leadership project
    This project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is focussed on the study of innovation in organisations.