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Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty group

About the Faculty group

The Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty group was established in 1990 to promotes the teaching and research of management from a social science perspective. In August 2006, the Faculty group was incorporated into the Department of Management.

The Faculty group's research is dedicated to understanding the structures and strategies of firms, markets, industries and other organisational forms. Their practices, decisions, and interactions provide and respond to incentives and the Faculty group's core belief is that an understanding of the causes and consequences of these incentives is central to management, and the foundation on which to improve organisational practice and corporate performance. The Faculty group is eclectic as to methodology. A wide variety of theoretical and empirical approaches flourish, but all embody the rigour appropriate to scientific investigation.

Research areas include corporate governance, corporate restructuring, network economics, game theoretic approaches to strategy, executive compensation, organisational structure, negotiation, and system dynamics.