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Imran Iqbal, Research Manager 


Email: i.iqbal2@lse.ac.uk|

Tel : +44 (0)20 7955 6398 


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Faculty groups

The Department of Management's academic community collaborates in clusters called faculty groups, specialising in key subject areas related to the study of management and organisations:

ERHR-Fac-Group-Small      IS-Fac-Group-Small

Employment Relations and Human|               Information Systems and Innovation| 
Resource Management Faculty Group >|     Faculty Group >|

MES-Fac-Group-Small      Marketing-Fac-Group-Small

Managerial Economics and Strategy|            Marketing Faculty Group >|
Faculty Group >|

OR-Fac-Group-Small      OB-Fac-Group-Small

Operations Research Faculty Group >|         Organisational Behaviour| 
                                                                                 Faculty Group >| 


Public Management Faculty Group >