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Conducting research


The flexibility of our lab means that it is suitable for running a wide range of studies, from computer-based games to interviews to group activities.


Who can use the Behavioural Research Lab?

The BRL facilities are currently open to most LSE staff and students:

LSE Staff - Can use the BRL for lab-based studies at no charge unless receiving significant funding. Use of our participant database and recruitment tools are not permitted for studies hosted outside the lab, or for most online surveys.

PhD students - Can use the BRL for lab-based studies at no charge unless receiving significant funding. You cannot run online-only surveys administered outside the lab.

Master's students - Can use the lab for lab-based studies at charge. You will still need to fund participant payments and other costs, and your department may be prepared to assist with this. You cannot run online-only surveys administered outside the lab.


Undergraduate students are not permitted to use the BRL facilities.

External researchers are not permitted to use the BRL facilities unless in collaboration with LSE, and where the LSE staff member is the primary investigator.

Commercial organisations are not permitted to use the BRL facilities.


What types of study can I run?

The four main types of studies that can be conducted in the lab are as follows:


Computer-based survey

Uses online survey software. Participants sit at computer workstations to complete the survey. In certain circumstances surveys can also be administered outside the lab.



Computer-based task or game

Uses a wide variety of computer-based tools from basic internet browsers to specialized experimental software. Some experimental software allows participants to interact with each other via computer.



Discussion-based experiment

Uses the meeting rooms and sometimes the video equipment. May use more than one discussion room. Requires a highly controlled environment.



Discussion-based focus group

Uses only one meeting room. Does not require a highly controlled environment.


Please see our pages on our facilities and our software and equipment for more information on experimental resources.

How to I recruit participants and research assistants?

We maintain a large participant database of around 2000 contacts who have expressed an interest in participating in paid research, consisting primarily of LSE students and staff, but also those from surrounding universities as well as members of the public.  We are happy to recruit participants for BRL studies through our database provided each participant is paid. The standard rate is £5 per half hour and £10 per hour and studies shorter than 30 minutes should offer a minimum payment of £5. If you are planning an incentive-based study or are involving online-only elements, an alternative payment structure is permitted providing there is a similar level of incentive for participants.

If you require the services of a research assistant, we are occasionally approached by people offering to be volunteer occasional research assistants. These are LSE students who are interested in volunteering for occasional research assistant work, typically 2-4 hours per week.  Interested researchers who have no funds for paid research assistants can request any such information from the Lab Administrator, and then contact the students directly.

When is the lab available?

The BRL is open from 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. Lab studies should begin no earlier than 10.00am and finish by 5.00pm in order to allow enough time to set up and shut down the lab's facilities. We have several rooms, so depending on your needs you may be able to run a study at the same time as another researcher.

In the event of scheduling conflicts, consideration will given to research bringing funding to the BRL, Department of Management researchers, and those who have had prior use of the lab.


How do I make a booking?

If you would like to use the lab for your research, please follow these steps through the process:

1. Complete our BRL Booking Form - This will give us more information on the study you intent run, ensures you provide us with the paperwork we need and enables you to make any specific requests.

2. Set up the study in Sona (our participant sign-up system) - Once your booking form has been submitted, the lab administrator can has create a researcher account for you in Sona, and set up a study in the system based on your requirements. You will then be able to review and edit your study.

3. Obtain participant payment - If you need a cash advance from an LSE account, please follow the instructions on the Cash Advance Form.Please be aware that this process can take up to two weeks.

4. Prepare materials - This should also include a participant consent form and a debrief sheet (once they have completed their participation). All printed materials should be brought to the lab as we are unable to accommodate researcher printing needs.

5. Test software - If you're planning on using software in your study you should test this on the lab's computers prior to the study. Lab time can be arranged for this with the Lab Administrator.

6. Provide any research assistants with a copy of our Research Assistant Brief.

7. Run your study in the lab!

8. Submit participant attendance - Pass your sign-in sheet the Lab Administrator at the end of each day. Attendance will be entered into Sona.

9. Submit participant receipts - Pass to the Lab Administrator at the end of your study. We will keep the originals for our records and send you a scanned copy along with a participant summary report.

10. Submit your paper - We are keen to see the results of the research that has been carried out in the lab! Once you have completed your research paper please send a copy to us for our records.

If you have any further questions about the lab, please contact our Lab Administrator at

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