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Participate in our research

To carry out world-class research we need dedicated participants to take part in our experiments.This is a fun way to get involved in our research and make some money at the same time.

To find out more about how this process works, see How It Works.

To become a participant you will need to register your details on our Sona participant database. By registering with our database, you are agreeing to abide by our code of conduct. Participants who violate this code may not be invited to participate in future studies.


Being on time

If you are not ready at your assigned time you will not be able to participate. Please aim to arrive 5 minutes early as it may take you a few minutes to find the lab, and the study may begin at the exact stated time. Each study is unique and you may not be able to join the study later or at another timeslot. Each researcher has the right to refuse participation to their study if the participant is not on time.



Remembering your lab ID code

This is not your student ID! The ID code can be found in your confirmation email when you sign up for a study. Participants are entitled to anonymity and researchers will only have access to your participant ID code, not your name. Your attendance can only be marked by using your ID code.



Taking participation seriously

Please remember that this is someone's research. The studies you are paid to participate in will have taken time and effort to organise, plus the costs of your payment. Their research will depend on the data you provide by your participation. You should not use your phone whilst taking part in a study, or access any computer applications other than those you have been instructed to use.




If you do not show up for your assigned timeslot and have not informed us, you will be marked as an 'unexcused no-show'. This will automatically prevent you from signing up for any further studies. If you need to cancel, please do this through the sign-up system, by emailing the researcher, by emailing the lab, or by calling us using the number on your confirmation email or our 'Contact Us' page.



Respect for people and equipment

Participants should treat the BRL facilities including furniture and equipment, with respect. Behaviour that is offensive, disruptive or dangerous to other participants, researchers and staff is unacceptable.


Signing up


Register your details on our Sona participant database using the link below. If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page.


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