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Behavioural Research Lab
London School of Economics and Political Science
Lower Ground Floor
Clement House
99-101 Aldwych
London WC2B 4JF


Tel: 020 7955 6059

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Our facilities

Computer lab

The main BRL computer lab contains 20 networked workstations, separated by individual cubicles in which participants can work without being disturbed. There is also a desk where researchers can monitor their experiments and answer any questions that participants may have surrounding the study.


Meeting rooms

Adjacent to the main room are four smaller discussion rooms, each of which can accommodate up to eight research participants seated around a table with a small, unobtrusive rotating video camera in the centre. These rooms are designed for research involving group interactions; for example, group decision making, team creativity, and team dynamics. Meeting Rooms 1 to 3 have round tables suitable for group discussion, and the video camera can capture one person at a time. Meeting Room 4 has a rectangle table which may be more suitable in leadership roles. This arrangement can also capture two people at once on the video camera.

BRL Meeting Room

Observation room

Our observation room contains a state of-the-art video monitoring system which can view and record activities in the meeting rooms. The researcher sits in the observation room and controls the rotating camera in each room while listening and watching participants on a split-screen monitor showing all four rooms at the same time. Recordings can then be transferred on to an external hard drive or DVD. The room also contains a PC for use by researchers when monitoring studies.

BRL Observation Room

Reception room

At the entrance to the lab is a reception room where the Lab Administrator is based. The Lab Administrator is available for assistance when a study is running, as well as providing information should you have any questions about the BRL. This room also functions as an area for participants to sign in and rearchers can greet them as they arrive, and a waiting room until the study begins.

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