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Example thesis titles

Current thesis working titles

The following is a list of provisional thesis working titles by current PhD students on the Management Science track:

Example thesis titles from previous years


Dr Kai Becker

Dr Zhi Fang Ni

Dr Srinivasan Parthasarathy


Dr Ioanna Katrantzi

  • Equilibria of Dynamic Mutual Choice Mating Games

Dr Konstantinos Papalamprou

  • Structural and Decomposition Results for Binet Matrices, Bidirected Graphs and Signed-Graphic Matroids

Dr Yue Wu

  • Robust Global Supply Chain Planning under Uncertainty


Dr  Nikolaos Argyris

Dr Mark Ludwig


Dr Martin Schilling

  • The contribution of socio-technical decision analysis to strategy development processes - an effective study


Dr Alberto Franco

  • Problem Structuring Methods for Collaboration: a conceptual development, with an application to a construction partnership in the UK

Dr Florence Omosa

  • Modelling and Deciding with Development Stakeholders: Lessons from NGO Projects in Kenya.


Dr Yiannis Mourtos

  • Constraint and Integer Programming applied to Orthogonal Latin Squares

Dr Monica Oliveira

  • Achieving Geographic Equity in the Portuguese Hospital Financing System


Dr Balazs Kotnyek

  • A Generalisation of Totally Unimodular and Network Matrices


Dr Murielle Bendeck

  • Problem Structuring Methods for Health Service Planning with an application in Mexico


Dr Masahide Horita

  • Representing Community Disputes: Towards a Methodology for Conflict Resolution with Geographical, Strategic and Argumentative Information


Dr Dimitrios Sariklis

  • Open Vehicle Routing Problem: Description Formulations and Heuristic Methods

Dr Hin-Yan Wong

  • Making Flexible Planning Decisions: Clarification and elaboration of the Theory and Methodology of Robustness Analysis


Dr Andreas Reinhold

  • Rationality through Conflict and Confrontation: An Alternative to the Traditional Rational choice Approach with Illustrations from Decision-Making in British Airways

Dr Eleni Rizakou

  • Scenario-Robustness Analysis Methodology: An Approach to Flexible Planning under Uncertainty with an Application to AIDS-Related Resource Allocation


Dr Ioannis Giannikos

  • Optimal location of single and multiple obnoxious facilities : algorithms for the MAXIMIN criterion under different norms

Dr Jean Hing-yin Mak

  • System dynamics and discrete event simulation modelling


Dr Karen Reddington

  • Scheduling of multiple vehicle types : the allocation of locomotives to trains


Dr Lizza T. Domingo

Formal methods in specifying discrete event simulation


Dr Grace Au

  • A graphics driven approach to discrete event simulation