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Your programme

Programme content and structure

The programme is designed around four core courses and a 10,000-word dissertation based on your own primary research.

Students can also customise their programme according to their own interests and career goals, and benefit from a truly interdisciplinary learning experience, by choosing optional courses from a selection of world-leading academic departments within the LSE.

Programme structure:


Compulsory courses 

  • ID436 Advanced and Emerging Topics in Organisational Behaviour (0.5 unit) will introduce students to various topics including cultural intelligence, evidence based management, proactive behaviour at work and creativity and innovation in organisational behaviour.
  • ID430 Organisational Behaviour (0.5 unit) will help students understand attitudes and behaviour in an organisational context. This will be done by reviewing psychological theories as they apply to organisations; demonstrating the contribution of a psychological perspective to understanding human behaviour at work; and critically evaluating the empirical evidence.
  • ID431 Organisational Change (0.5 unit) will provide students with different psychological theories to understand the process and consequences of organisational change and in doing so addresses the following issues: type of organisational change, creating readiness for organizational change and leading change, the change agent, strategies for change, resistance to change and evaluation of and institutionalization of organisational change.
  • ID435 Organisational Theory (0.5 unit) will introduce students to various topics including institutional theory and corporate culture, sensemaking, population ecology and social networks.
  • ID496 Dissertation (1.0 unit) 10,000 words based on your own primary research

Optional courses (any combination to the total value of 1.0 unit)

Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour

  • ID419 Cross Cultural Management (0.5 unit)
  • ID420 Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice (0.5 unit)
  • ID423 The Dark Side of the Organisation (0.5 unit)
  • ID434 Managing Diversity in Organisations (0.5 unit)
  • ID437 Reward System: Key Models and Practices (0.5 unit)


  • MG423 Leading Entrepreneurial Organisations in Global Markets (0.5 unit)
  • MG450 Social Network Analysis and Strategies (0.5 unit)


  • PS428 Knowledge Processes in Organisations (0.5 unit)
  • PS445 Organizational and Social Decision Making (0.5 unit)
  • PS462 Theory and Practice of Organisational Development (0.5 unit)


  • MY452 Applied Regression Analysis (0.5 unit)
  • MY455 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement (0.5 unit)