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MSc Organisational Behaviour


Programme overview

The MSc Organisational Behaviour is a one-year programme that examines behaviour and change in organisations, primarily through the lenses of psychology and sociology. The programme is particularly attractive to students who wish to find out more about behaviour and change in organisations, psychology and management, and organisational development.

This multi-disciplinary approach will prepare students for careers in organisational development or HR consulting. In addition to core courses in Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Change, and Organisational Theory, the programme features a professional development workshop designed to help students develop theory-driven practical skills and bridge the academic-practitioner divide. Another distinctive feature of this programme is the Advanced Topics in Organisational Behaviour course in which the topics change from year to year in order to focus on cutting-edge research and emerging themes in organisational behaviour.

Key features:

  • An in-depth approach to understanding the fundamental issues of behaviour and change in organisations at the individual, group and organisational levels.
  • Exposure to emerging themes in the study of organisational behaviour.
  • A unique approach to bridging the academic-practitioner divide through an Engaged Self and Scholarship workshop which focuses on theory-driven practical skills.
  • The opportunity to study organisational behaviour in a research-led Department with a truly worldwide reputation.

Is this programme for you?

The MSc Organisational Behaviour is the programme for you if you are interested in:

  • Behaviour and change in organisations
  • Psychology and management
  • Organisational development