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Alumni profiles


Nana Yaa, class of 2012-13

After participating in the Goldman Sachs Spring Internship in 2008, I became interested in behavioural and structural components of business. Four years later, when applying for Master’s degree programmes, I was looking for a course that emphasised not front-line profit-making activities but internal workings of efficient organisations.

LSE’s MSc. in Organisational Behaviour drew my interest because it embodied everything I sought in my Master’s degree: a world-class institution, renowned faculty and modules that pulsate with the heartbeat of today’s business. I also appreciated the opportunity to select elective courses outside my functional area. Thus, in keeping with my academic aspirations, I supplemented my core Master’s degree modules with research-specific elective modules: Applied Regression Analysis and Social Networks Analysis.

Studying at LSE was tough, the degree was fast-paced and the faculty were demanding. However, it was an immensely enjoyable and rewarding experience. I benefited from the cosiness of a small class (25 students) as well as semi-individualised attention from the tutors of our core courses. Graduating from LSE has already begun to pay off. My status as an alum opens doors of opportunity which I am equipped with the confidence to walk through. This confidence, which I prize as much as the intellectual and course-specific knowledge obtained from the course, was built through class participation, personal interactions with my course mates and teamwork with Cognoscere Consulting, a student-run, pro-bono consulting firm I had the privilege of joining while at LSE.

Almost immediately after returning to my home country (Ghana), I was offered a job as a research associate at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). I intend to pursue doctoral study in Organisational Behaviour after two years with CEIBS, most likely, at LSE.

Zahira Jaser, class of 2011-12

ZJaserI gained my Msc in Organistional Behaviour in 2012, when I researched the link between leadership styles, employee behaviour and customer/client loyalty. Previous to this I worked for 15 years in large corporations like JP Morgan, Societe Generale, and Barclays, always in client facing roles. 

Nowadays, I advise organisations on how to become more effective in reaching their strategic objectives by focusing on culture, purpose and leadership. I use a candid and compassionate style to bring insights to business leaders and teams, by highlighting blind spots that hinder their performance. I have worked with a number of FTSE100 companies on large scale L&D programmes mainly focusing on executive education and people development with a customer/client focus angle.

My practice combines a strong theoretical foundation to practical business acumen. As an organisational behaviour consultant I understand what makes us tick at work and I am highly perceptive of the dynamics that govern our interactions with colleagues, clients and the leadership team. My specialisation is to design and facilitate motivational, energising, culture-changing interventions, for teams, individuals and executives.