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Master's in Management

The Master’s in Management (MiM) is a 2-year programme designed for students with little or no prior experience in business or management, providing a route to transition into an outstanding management and leadership career.

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The programme provides a deep understanding of how markets and organisations work, and the environment in which business operates. 

Education is delivered in the form of a well-rounded training in both quantitative, analytical and numerical skills, and qualitative critical thinking, presentation and communication skills.  The programme also incorporates practical employment experience in the form of a Master’s in Management Capstone Course (professional development programme and business consulting project), and a summer internship. 

This strong foundation of understanding, skills and practical experience makes our graduates highly sought-after by employers.

We are the only programme in the UK to offer a dual degree with the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management programme, ranked #4 in the world in the 2015 Financial Times MiM Rankings.

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2-year advantage

The 2-year format of the programme allows students to train in the core foundations of management in their first year, and then develop their talent in a specialist area (or areas) of interest in their second year:

  • Year 1: general foundations of management
  • Year 2: specialise in your own area(s) of interest with training from world-class faculty in a range of subjects across the LSE, for example marketing, HR, finance, accounting, international management (spending a term abroad at a partner school), public sector management, organisational psychology, and a wide range of other areas.

We believe the second year of the programme is fundamentally important to our Master’s in Management, as the specialisation in year 2 gives graduates an ‘edge’ over others with a more basic general training, when applying for jobs.  Having a specialist area of expertise enables graduates to integrate more easily into a company (with the company needing to provide much less training and development to bring a new employee into a specific role). The second year of the programme essentially acts as a career ‘accelerator’, enabling our graduates to enter job roles at a more advanced level than they would with a non-specialist 1-year programme.

Not a typical MiM

A number of other Master's in Management programmes are available in London, the UK and the rest of the world. Our programme covers the typical subject areas essential to a high quality MiM, providing a standard of academic training recognised and valued by employers across the globe.

However, our approach is different. We are a core department fully integrated into our leading university (ranked #2 in the world for social sciences and management), rather than a free-standing school of business or management. We apply the LSE’s tradition of academic excellence, critical thinking and analysis to the field of management, to get to the root of the social, political and economic structures in which global business operates. 

Rather than simply teaching current business frameworks and toolkits, we provide a deeper understanding of business in the real world context, and our graduates are capable of more than simply fitting in to the current business world – instead we provide them with the training to become innovative leaders driving positive change in business and society, and thriving with future challenges in the fast-changing world over a lifelong career. We believe this gives a tangible advantage to our graduates as they enter the job market.

Key features of the LSE MiM

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