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Curriculum details

Pre-sessional course

Students are required to undertake a pre-sessional course in September, before year 1 of the programme officially begins later that month.

Compulsory core courses

Year 1: general foundations of management
  • MG431 Managerial Economics (0.5 unit) provides an introduction to the central issues in managerial economics. The course will analyse the foundations for applying economic thinking to management.
  • MG434 Organisational Behaviour (0.5 unit) seeks to understand individual attitudes and behaviour in an organisational context. It does this by reviewing psychological theories as they apply to organisations, demonstrating the contribution of a psychological perspective to understanding human behaviour at work, and critically evaluating the empirical evidence.
  • MG458 Foundations of Management I (0.5 unit) and MG459 Foundations of Management II (0.5 unit) will give a basic grounding in the key management disciplines which will be taught chronologically. Students will therefore be provided with an overview of the development of management disciplines and will develop an understanding of the disciplinary anchors in sociology, psychology and economics.
  • MG461 Quantitative Analysis in Management (0.5 unit) discusses analysis of variance, simple and multiple linear regression, including ideas of confounding and statistical control, the use of dummy variables, interactions and non-linear effects of explanatory variables, collinearity, diagnostics and model development.
  • MG462 Qualitative Analysis in Management (0.5 unit) provides a critical understanding of qualitative management research, with an emphasis on methods and techniques which will be useful and relevant to them both as management scholars and in their future careers.
Year 2: advanced management and specialisation
  • MG430 Strategy, Organisation and Innovation (0.5 unit) explores advanced topics in strategy, organization and innovation. True to LSE, we will adopt an interdisciplinary social sciences point of view that embraces economics, sociology, political science and psychology.
  • MG420 Dissertation (0.5 unit) are based on a research question which students are required to agree with the teacher responsible during Michaelmas Term in year two.
  • MG488 MiM Capstone Course (including Business Project) (0.5 unit)provides tailored development of professional skills from the LSE Careers Service and corporate guest speakers, and employment and team-working experience through a real-world consulting/business project with an external client.

Optional elective courses (any combination to total value 4.0 units) 

  • AC411(0.5 unit) Accounting, Strategy and Control
  • AC412(0.5 unit) Accountability, Organisations and Risk Management
  • AC414(0.5 unit) Financial Reporting, Capital Markets and Business Combinations
  • AC490(0.5 unit) Financial Reporting and Management: Management Accounting, Strategy and Control
  • AC491(0.5 unit) Financial Reporting and Management: Financial Reporting
European Studies   
  • EU435 (0.5 unit) History and Theory of European Integration
  • EU443(0.5 unit) European Models of Capitalism
  • EU446(0.5 unit) The Political Economy of European Monetary Integration
  • EU449(0.5 unit) Emerging Markets, Political Transition and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe
  • EU455(0.5 unit) Concepts in Political Economy
  • FM421(0.5 unit) Applied Corporate Finance
  • FM473(0.5 unit) Finance I
  • FM474(0.5 unit) Finance II
Gender Studies
  • GI407 (0.5 unit) Gender, Globalisation and Development
  • GI409  (0.5 unit) Gender, Globalisation and Development: An Introduction        
  • GV442(0.5 unit) Globalisation and Democracy
Employment Relations and Human Resource Management
  • ID410(0.5 unit) Management of Human Resources: Strategies and Policies
  • ID411(0.5 unit) International and Comparative Human Resource Management
  • ID420(0.5 unit) Leadership in Organisations: Theory and Practice
  • ID423(0.5 unit) The Dark Side of the Organisation
  • ID432(0.5 unit) International Employment Relations
  • ID433(0.5 unit) Negotiation Analysis
International Relations
  • IR407(0.5 unit) International Political Economy of the Environment
  • IR429(0.5 unit) Economic Diplomacy
  • IR450 (1.0 unit) International Political Economy
  • IR451(0.5 unit) Politics of Money in the World Economy
  • IR460(0.5 unit) Comparative Political Economy
Information Systems and Innovation
  • IS471(0.5 unit) Innovating Organisational Information Technology
  • IS472(0.5 unit) Global Strategy, Management and Information Systems
  • MG401(0.5 unit) Operations Management
  • MG402(0.5 unit) Public Management: A Strategic Approach
  • MG403(0.5 unit) Pricing Strategy
  • MG404(0.5 unit) Consumer Behaviour: Behavioural Fundamentals for Marketing and Management
  • MG405(0.5 unit) Behavioural Decision Science
  • MG418(0.5 unit) Open Innovation
  • MG421(0.5 unit) The Future of the Multinational Firm
  • MG422(0.5 unit) Thinking Strategically
  • MG423(0.5 unit) Leading Entrepreneurial Organisations in Global Markets
  • MG425(0.5 unit) Global Business Management
  • MG436(0.5 unit) Firms, Markets and Crises
  • MG437(0.5 unit) Business Model Innovation at the 'Base of the Pyramid'
  • MG438(1.0 unit) Business Model Innovation at the 'Base of the Pyramid'
  • MG450(0.5 unit) Social Network Analysis and Strategies
  • MG452(0.5 unit) Behavioural Economics for Management
  • MG453(0.5 unit) Managing Digital Business
  • MG455(0.5 unit) Principles of Decision Sciences
  • MG482(0.5 unit) Innovation and Technology Management
Managerial Economics & Strategy
  • MN404(0.5 unit) Incentives and Governance in Organisations
  • MN413(0.5 unit) International Marketing: A Strategic Approach
  • MN426(0.5 unit) Design and Management of Organisations
  • MN430(0.5 unit) Strategy for the Information Economy
  • MN431 (0.5 unit) Corporate Strategy    
  • MN432(0.5 unit) Personnel Economics
Media and Communication
  • MC408 (0.5 unit) Theories and Concepts in Media and Communication I (Key concepts and interdisciplinary approaches)             
  • MC418 (0.5 unit) Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications II (Processes of communication in modern life)
Operational Research
  • OR401(0.5 unit) Techniques of Operational Research
  • OR409(0.5 unit) Auctions and Game Theory
  • PH425(0.5 unit) Business and Organisational Ethics
  • ST429(0.5 unit) Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance