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MSc Management Science Summer Project

As part of the MSc Management Science programme, students take on independent consulting projects with real-world clients for 10 weeks during the summer. 

The aim of the Summer Project is to give our students experience of Management Science in practice, developing skills in the following areas:

  • Problem definition and solving, grounded in a real-world context
  • The “people dimension” of projects
  • Communicating complex information with real clients
  • Learning independently through personal reflection
  • Consultancy experience

Learning and skills development

The Summer Project complements the more theoretical classroom training in the MSc Management Science, adding an extra dimension of learning to the programme. The range of skills developed through the project are highly sought-after by employers, and our students have found this to be an experience above and beyond a traditional taught MSc programme:

“The main deliverable of this project was personal learning. Only in practice can you really come to discover your personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences.”

“The 10 weeks of project work…have been filled with challenging, fun, exciting, new and frustrating experiences…I have learned more in this  summer than I thought would be possible.”

“Working this close on a team might have been one of the best preparations for future employment.”

“I have learnt how to communicate with my colleagues in a working environment, how to seek help from the right person, and how to manage the process of a big project.”

“It was a valuable and exciting experience. For me, I think that the Summer Project is the best part of the whole programme.”

Project clients

Each year there is a great range of projects on offer, giving the opportunity to practice a variety of analytical and personal skills, and work with clients from diverse sectors of the economy such as consultancy, transport, energy, education, public sector, health, finance and not-for-profit.  

Our students provide real value to the organisations they work with, and clients have given very positive feedback about recently completed projects:

“This has been an enlightening experience for us, given than we rarely have the luxury of considering how we think, rather than what we think…”

“Summary is: I have been REALLY satisfied with this project. The result has already been implemented…”