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Laura Gnata, Programme Administrator


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MSc Management and Strategy

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Programme overview

The MSc in Management and Strategy is a one-year programme which provides a rigorous analytical approach to management, focusing on developing critical thinking and in-depth understanding in relation to managerial economics and its relevance in organisations and strategy.

The programme combines the analytical approach and rigour of an economics degree with real-world, contemporary case studies used in MBAs. Although in many ways it is less applied and more theoretical than an MBA and the programme's analytical approach is constantly looking for ways to understand and apply theory via examples from the real world.

Students will learn analysis rather than mere description, making this programme unique in comparison with a typical MBA where the focus would be on vocational practice, rather than providing lifelong interdisciplinary critical thinking skills. The programme will develop your talent to achieve lasting career success in a rapidly changing world.  

You do not require prior knowledge of economics, but you will need a basic interest in and openness to economic reasoning. 

Key features

  • A one-year programme providing a highly academically rigorous and multidisciplinary approach to management and strategy, with a focus on managerial economics
  • Core courses cover Incentives and Governance in Organisations, Design and Management of Organisations, and Analysis of Strategy
  • A wide range of optional elective courses is available from departments across the LSE, enabling students to customise their programme according to their own interests, and benefit from a truly interdisciplinary learning experience
  • The programme is aimed at students who have some quantitative background (e.g. a first degree in engineering, science, or a social science), with some quantitative training in elementary calculus and basic statistics. The programme will appeal to students with a degree in an economics or management-related subject who are looking for a more rigorous approach to management.
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