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Programme content and structure

The curriculum is built around three integrated core courses and a dissertation, plus three distinct pathways of optional courses by which students can customise their programme according to their own interests and career goals. Under each pathway, students can choose optional courses offered by the world-leading academic departments within the LSE to gain a truly multidisciplinary learning experience.

Students can also choose to take an additional non-assessed course to satisfy the educational requirements of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)| accreditation.

Programme structure:


Compulsory courses 

  • Foundations of Business and Management for HR (0.5 unit) will be provide students with an overview of the development of management disciplines (other than HRM) and will develop an understanding of the disciplinary anchors in sociology, psychology and economics. Each field will cover origins and disciplinary boundaries, triggers for growth, core concepts and the current state of play and debate.
  • Management of Human Resources: Strategies and Policy (0.5 unit) will introduce students to a range of theoretical perspectives which underpin the ways in which organizations manage the employment relationship through the deployment of HRM strategy and policy. From a practice perspective, it reviews challenges involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of both overall HRM strategy and specific practice areas.
  • Organisational Behaviour (0.5 unit) will help students understand attitudes and behaviour in an organisational context. This will be done by reviewing psychological theories as they apply to organisations; demonstrating the contribution of a psychological perspective to understanding human behaviour at work; and critically evaluating the empirical evidence.
  • Dissertation (1.0 unit) 10,000-word dissertation, which may be part of a “Links” business project

Optional courses (combination to the total value of 1.5 units) 

Students choose from three distinct pathways of optional courses:

Pathway A
Pathway B
Pathway C
  • Courses to the value of one and a half (1.5) units from the options list below
Options list

Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour 


Students may also take a graduate-level course which is not on this list, subject to approval from the Programme Director. Please refer to the full list of all graduate level courses|.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) accreditation 

Students wishing to satisfy the educational requirements for accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)| can choose to take an additional non-assessed practice-orientated course:

  • Human Resource Policy and Practice (for students wishing to satisfy the educational requirements of the CIPD) will satisfy the educational requirements of the CIPD, introducing students to the key professional competencies necessary in human resource management and exposing them to practical human resource management systems and issues within their 'Link' companies.