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Alumni profiles


Susan, class of 2010-11

With a background in human resources, I came to the UK with an aim to continue my career in this area. I soon realised that human resources as a field is gaining a strong reputation in the business environment, resulting in fierce competition. With strong career aspirations in mind, I decided to gear myself with the best education and LSE topped the list of internationally renowned universities. With its international intake and global reach LSE is a well-known outstanding school in research and teaching in economics, politics, law, anthropology, finance and human resources. 

The MSc Management and Human Resources programme has been designed to give us the benefit of being Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) members which is a key element to becoming employable within the human resources sector. The workshops conducted by industry experts from leading organisations, helped build my skills and competencies required to survive and excel in the real world.

The other modules like Employment Relations, Organisational Behaviour and International and Comparative Human Resource Management laid the foundation for an understanding of global policies and best practices. The courses helped me think out of the box in order to come up with creative solutions and also provided a holistic understanding of the do's and don'ts to become an expert practitioner in the field of human resources.

This prestigious degree from LSE has helped me secure a reputable position in a publishing organisation as a human resources personnel assisting the head of human resources. I consider this a stepping stone to the long and progressive career I hope to achieve in my life, the foundations of which I can proudly say have been laid by LSE.


Kamila, class of 2010-11

When I was in the final year of my undergraduate degree in sociology I applied for a number of jobs and took part in a number of interviews and assessments. All this made me realise that I needed additional skills and more in-depth knowledge in order to find a good job. Additionally, and probably most importantly, it helped me to understand that I was not ready to enter the job market and stop being a student.

Having successfully completed an internship in a recruitment consultancy a few years earlier and being close to completing a degree in sociology, I was convinced that I wanted to pursue a career in human resources. The MSc in Management and Human Resources attracted me with its Links programme, which puts students in companies and asks them to solve a real company problem by using their research skills. For a person with little work-based experience, this was an ideal dissertation project that gave me an introduction to a real working environment.

Additionally, what I liked about my programme is the fact that if offered a CIPD course, which is what most employers are looking for in the human resources profession, and good career prospects. Being based in London was definitely useful when looking for a job and attending interviews and assessment centres.

I am currently working in the Human Resources Department of the Crown Prosecution Service. I have joined the Civil Service as part of the Human Resources Fast Stream programme and I am convinced that my MSc helped me in achieving this. I have become more confident and I was able to quickly adapt to my workplace using the knowledge I gained during my studies, such as my research into assessment centres and the course on employment relations.