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Alumni profiles


Kari, class of 2004-05

Current job role
Manager of HR Communications
People Product Management
Standard Chartered Bank, London

LSE MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management
Previously studied Political Science and Family Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada

Kari's story

I joined Standard Chartered Bank, an international bank operating across 56 countries, in August 2005. This was my first job after University and it all happened after I met someone from the bank at the Department's career fair. My first role was as an Analyst in the Diversity and Inclusion team - where I got the (rare) chance to directly apply what I studied. Having a strong academic background really helped me as I was involved in many debates around what diversity and inclusion means and how to embed it across the organisation. I then moved into a new role as Business Planning Manager in People Product Management, working on a variety of projects such as Graduate Recruitment and Employee Referrals. Because there was so much variety in this role, I needed to be able to quickly pick things up and hit the ground running. Having a broad HR education really helped, even though I didn't know all the details to begin with. Most recently, I've become Manager of HR Communications. In this role, and I think this is the case for many roles, it's more the skills that I developed at LSE rather than specific knowledge that have helped me. Being able to convey a message concisely and with the greatest impact is one of the most important things I think one can learn to do, for almost any job. Taking on three different roles over 18 months has been no easy task but the challenges have been fantastic. My Masters degree at LSE has definitely helped me and I'd recommend the programme to others looking for careers in HR.


Sweta Jain, class of 2004-05

Current job role
Human Resource Manager
HR Division
Bitscape IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, India

LSE MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management
Previously studied Business Information Systems at University of Northumbria, (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

Sweta's story

After completing my Masters I returned back to India and joined my first assignment with RT Outsourcing Services (RT is a national partner of many Fortune 500 companies). It is India's leading provider of technical support and reverse logistics services, with its clients ranging from HewlettPackard, Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, IBM, Gilat, Vodafone and many more. I was appointed as an HR Executive - Training and Development where primarily, I was responsible for conducting Induction programme for the new joinees to the organisation, giving training to staff members on all the processes of Hewlett Packard and other IT giants on customer service and quality standards, for example: Customer Delight, ISO, Japanese Quality Methods (TQM, Kaizen etc).

My second and third assignment were with a medium-sized US based organisation located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). During these two years I gained momentum on overall aspects of HR. In my recent role as an HR Manager my responsibilities were further enhanced, where I was involved in developing HR strategies to support and achieve employee relation activities by conducting employee satisfaction surveys, and providing appropriate feedback to the senior management on the action adopted. I am also actively involved in the creation of world class working environment to help retain and attract the highest caliber people.

Working primarily with IT companies, I can say my BIS degree helped me immensely in understanding various technical aspects while recruiting software consultants. Simultaneously, my postgraduate degree gave me an edge in that I could easily understand HR aspects of ensuring "best fit" within the organisation. The LSE programme was a blessing which helped me to discover and learn at my own pace, thereby, developing my thought processes and enabling me to concentrate on the different careers options which were open to me.


Larisa, class of 2006-07

LSE MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management
Previously studied Bachelor of Economics (Social Sciences) (Hons), The University of Sydney

Larisa's story

I started with Prudential in October 2007, shortly after completing my MSc. The job was advertised in a Department email and I was attracted to it as it clearly stated the company was seeking people who were looking for a global career. This seemed to fit perfectly with my studies and how I wanted my career to develop.

I joined Prudential as part of the Momentum Programme, which is a group-wide leadership development programme, aimed at growing future leaders of the company by giving them opportunities to work at different parts of the business in Europe, Asia and the USA. Momentum participants are expected to change roles every 18 months to 2 years to maintain a broader view of how the company operates globally, and in order to develop both personally and professionally.

My first role in the Momentum programme is working in the UK & Europe business in Reward, specifically Executive Reward. I work directly with the Head of Executive Reward in managing the reward aspects of the senior manager and executive population. My work involves research, data analysis, preparation for the senior salary review, and dealing with other aspects related to the employment relationship of these employees. I am also responsible for managing and coordinating international assignments for Prudential.

I believe my studies at LSE have prepared me greatly for my job. On the one hand I use the theory and practical teaching from my classes on a daily basis in my current role while on a broader level, the IER & HRM programme has given me a greater knowledge of employment relations in a global context which has helped me in my understanding of working with other parts of the business, and liaising with members of the Momentum programme. I know that the skills I learned at LSE in terms of research, analysis and argument will be invaluable as both a member of this programme and as I further develop my career.


Gayatri, class of 2010-11

Current job role
HR Division
Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany 

LSE MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management

Gayatri's story

Having been brought up in an environment where mediocre education was not an option, LSE’s formidable alumni and distinguished reputation resulted in me having my heart set on studying here since I was in school. After completing my undergrad in economics, a couple of internships made me realize that HR was my calling. While looking at courses at the LSE to do my masters, the IER & HRM course stood out particularly with its focus not only on HR management but also on international employment relations. This additional focus area was aligned with my goal to travel and work with international companies located across the globe dealing with diverse employment models and HR structures. 

I am currently working in Germany, at Deutsche Telekom AG in the HR Board area. Although my job is primarily located in Germany; my current work involves dealing with our subsidiaries located in different parts of the world. The IER& HRM course has equipped me with the necessary tools to be able to understand, assess and evaluate the reality in these countries. More importantly, the thought-provoking discussions at the LSE, with students from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds, age-groups and experiences has widened my perspective and enabled me to think out of the box in my every day work.

Being an LSE alumnus is an honour not bestowed on many. Not only does it involuntarily command respect from others but the quality of knowledge imparted at this school undoubtedly sets us apart from the rest.


Arjun, class of 2010-11

Current job role
Associate Consultant
HR Consulting Division
Ernst & Young, New Delhi

LSE MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management

Arjun's story

When I was applying for different Masters programme in Human Resources across the world, one of the key criteria in choosing a university was gaining a global exposure and an international perspective on various concepts and theories in HR. LSE’s International Employment Relations & Human Resource Management programme offered a dynamic, yet focused international point of view on some of the key concepts and challenges facing HR in the globalised world. This, coupled with a strong international and diverse faculty and student base, provided a global and futuristic outlook on HR.

LSE is well-networked institution which helps students gain exposure and an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best minds in the industry, research and the political environment.  One thing in particular which I enjoyed about the programme was its strong emphasis on research combined with the unique studying pattern of lectures and seminars. We were encouraged to research and granularly explore different aspects of a concept and form our own perspective, which helped in building a strong fundamental base.

I am now an Associate Consultant in the HR Consulting Division (People & Organization) of Ernst & Young and am based out of the New Delhi, India office. The MSc IER & HRM programme helped me develop an international and global outlook towards some of the key concepts, theories and current challenges of the HR function.