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Master's programmes

We offer a portfolio of 12 generalist and specialist Master's (MSc) programmes covering a range of cutting-edge areas in today's global business world. 

We provide academically rigorous training and critical thinking skills for our students to thrive in the fast-changing world of business over a lifelong career, and our graduates are in high demand by employers.

As an academic department in a leading university, rather than a Business School, our programmes break the mould of traditional business teaching. Instead of  simply teaching students to apply current business tools and frameworks (as with a traditional programme such as an MBA) we provide a more analytically rigorous approach led by cutting-edge research, to develop our students' talent as future innovators, thought leaders and change agents in society.

General management


Master's in Management|

  • 2 years full-time
  • Subject: general management 
    • Year 1 - foundations of management
    • Year 2 - specialise in specific area(s) of interest
  • Career benefits: transition into a management career for those without prior work experience, or who have trained previously in a different discipline
  • CEMS Master's in International Management dual degree programme, and MiM Exchange term
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Master's in Management - Executive Global version|

  • 17 months modular part-time 
  • Subject: global focus on general management
  • Career benefits: transformational course for working professionals with 3 or more years' work experience, providing a route to the highest level of seniority / success on an international scale 
  • International classroom modules in London, Singapore and Istanbul

MSc International Management|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: globalisation and international focus on general management
  • Career benefits: acceleration into management roles in large firms (e.g. consultancies), for those with previous training or experience in a management-related discipline
  • International Management Exchange programme (IMEX) in US or China

Specialised management disciplines (A-Z)


MSc Economics and Management|

  • 10 months full-time
  • Subject: theory and application of economics and management
  • Career benefits: a route to acceleration into high-level positions in top consulting or investment banking firms, or into a PhD / career in academia 

MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: international focus on management of employment relations and human resources
  • Career benefits: transition to high-level/leadership roles in a range of careers related to international human resources for students without prior experience in this area 
  • Optional additional semester at an EU partner university to gain the European Master’s in Labour Studies

MSc Management of Information Systems and
Digital Innovation

  • 12 months full-time (+ small number of places available 2 years part-time)
  • Subject: management of the creation and sharing of information, with a focus on digital systems (e.g. internet and mobile technologies) and new innovations in organisations
  • Career benefits: provides a route for acceleration into strategic / management-level positions (e.g. consultancy, or strategic information systems management), for students with no prior work experience, or purely technical / operational work experience.

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: management of organisations, focusing on governance, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Career benefits: transition away from specialised roles to more general strategic-level management career, for those who have trained or worked previously in a specialised discipline

MSc Management and Human Resources|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: management of human resources
  • Career benefits: a complete training in HR knowledge and skills for management level roles, and a route to more senior / specialised roles for those already working in HR 
  • Satisfies educational requirements of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) professional levels of membership

MSc Management and Strategy|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: economics focus on strategic management of organisations 
  • Career benefits: transition into strategic general management roles in large firms (e.g. consultancies), for students who have trained or worked previously in a different discipline

MSc Management Science|

  • 12 months full-time (+ small number of places available 2 years part-time) 
  • Subject: science of decision making in organisations, in  2 streams:
    • Operational Research stream – focus on operational issues
    • Decision Sciences stream – focus on strategic/complex issues
  • Career benefits: acceleration into specialised high-level roles such as analytics and consulting 
Postgraduate Student

MSc Organisational Behaviour|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: workplace psychology & management of behaviour and change in organisations
  • Career benefits: rigorous training for specialist roles related to workplace psychology, e.g. people development, organisational development and change management 

MSc Public Management and Governance|

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: management of public sector organisations and public policy programmes
  • Career benefits: rigorous training providing knowledge and skills for senior-level / management roles in public sector organisations (governments, NGOs, consultancies, etc.)