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Master's programmes

We offer a portfolio of 10 generalist and specialist Master's (MSc) programmes covering a range of cutting-edge areas in today's global business world. 

We proud to be ranked #2 in the world for social science and management, and each of our Master’s programmes take a unique LSE approach to the world of business and management. Breaking the mould of traditional practice-focused business teaching, we provide a unique opportunity to develop your critical intellectual skills to link into an understanding of the real social, economic and political contexts in global business operates.

Our programmes develop outstanding managerial skills grounded in the practical challenges and opportunities facing organisations across the world today. Our graduates are in high demand by employers for their unique, well-rounded combination of intellectual and practical skills. They leave the department equipped with lasting skills to succeed across a lifetime career in the rapidly-changing world.

The LSE alternative to an MBA

Executive Student

Executive Global Master's in Management

  • 17 months modular (part-time) for working professionals
  • Subject: covering the same core foundations of global general management as an MBA, with the deeper critical and intellectual benefits of a Master's degree 
  • Career benefits: transformational course for working professionals with 3 or more years' work experience, providing a route to the highest level of seniority and success on an international scale 
  • International classroom modules in London, China and India

General management


Master's in Management

  • 2 years full-time
  • Subject: general management 
    • Year 1 - foundations of management
    • Year 2 - specialise in specific area(s) of interest
  • Career benefits: transition into a management career for those without prior work experience, or who have trained previously in a different discipline
  • CEMS Master's in International Management dual degree programme, and MiM Exchange term
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MSc International Management

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: globalisation and international focus on general management
  • Career benefits: acceleration into management roles in large firms (e.g. consultancies), for those with previous training or experience in a management-related discipline
  • International Management Exchange programme (IMEX) in US or China

Specialised management disciplines (A-Z)


MSc Economics and Management

  • 10 months full-time
  • Subject: theory and application of economics and management
  • Career benefits: a route to acceleration into high-level positions in top consulting or investment banking firms, or into a PhD / career in academia 

MSc Human Resources and Organisations

  • 12 months full-time  (+ small number of places available 2 years part-time on the Human Resource Management (HRM) stream)
  • Subject: a complete training in HR knowledge and skills for management level roles, with specialisations in HR (CIPD), International Employment Relations or Organisational Behaviour
  • Career benefits: transition to high-level/leadership roles in a range of careers related to human resources, international employment relations or workplace psychology, e.g. people development, organisational development and change management  for students without prior experience in this areas 

MSc Management of Information Systems and
Digital Innovation

  • 12 months full-time (+ small number of places available 2 years part-time)
  • Subject: management of the creation and sharing of information, with a focus on digital systems (e.g. internet and mobile technologies) and new innovations in organisations
  • Career benefits: provides a route for acceleration into strategic / management-level positions (e.g. consultancy, or strategic information systems management), for students with no prior work experience, or purely technical / operational work experience.

MSc Management, Organisations and Governance

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: management of organisations, focusing on governance, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Career benefits: transition away from specialised roles to more general strategic-level management career, for those who have trained or worked previously in a specialised discipline

MSc Management and Strategy

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: economics focus on strategic management of organisations 
  • Career benefits: transition into strategic general management roles in large firms (e.g. consultancies), for students who have trained or worked previously in a different discipline
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MSc Management Science

  • 12 months full-time (+ small number of places available 2 years part-time for the Operational Research stream) 
  • Subject: science of decision making in organisations, in  2 streams:
    • Operational Research stream – focus on operational issues
    • Decision Sciences stream – focus on strategic/complex issues
  • Career benefits: acceleration into specialised high-level roles such as analytics and consulting 
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MSc Public Management and Governance

  • 12 months full-time
  • Subject: management of public sector organisations and public policy programmes
  • Career benefits: rigorous training providing knowledge and skills for senior-level / management roles in public sector organisations (governments, NGOs, consultancies, etc.)