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Admissions frequently asked questions - Master's (MSc) programmes

We hope you find this page useful to answer some frequently asked questions about admissions for our portfolio of cutting-edge generalist and specialist Master's (MSc) programmes.

Information on admissions for our other programmes can be found here:

Making an application

• How do I apply for a programme?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website for full details on how to submit an application online or by post.

• When do applications open?

Applications for 2015 entry are now closed. Applications for entry to programmes in September 2016 will open from autumn 2015. 

• When is the application deadline/closing date?

Applications for all Master's programmes in the Department of Management are considered on a rolling basis, so there is no application deadline/closing date. However places on our programmes are likely to fill by around Easter, so please apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

• What documents/information do I need to submit with my application?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website for full details of the supporting documents you will need to submit with your application.

Please also check the  Admissions web page for your chosen programme for details of any programme-specific requirements (visit our index of programmes web page > click on your programme > select ‘Admissions’ in the left-hand menu).

• I am still waiting to find out if my application has been accepted. Can you please advise?

Please visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office website to check the status of your application.

(All applications are dealt with centrally by the LSE Graduate Admissions Office, and the Department of Management is not involved in the processing of applications, so unfortunately we cannot answer any questions on this).

• Can I transfer to one of your programmes from my current university?

No, we do not accept external transfers into our programmes. 

Entry requirements & GRE/GMAT tests

• What are the entry requirements for my chosen programme?

All of our MSc programmes have varying entry requirements (university grades and academic background, work experience, GRE/GMAT test, English language requirement, etc.), so please check the  Admissions web page for your chosen programme to find out the specific requirements ( visit our index of programmes web page > click on your programme > select the ‘Admissions’ tab).

• My grades are slightly lower than required, or have extenuating circumstances. Can I still apply?

All applications are considered on their merits. Our selectors consider not only the marks on your transcript but also the academic references, personal statement and any additional GRE/GMAT test scores where relevant. If there are extenuating circumstances to your grades, please make sure that your referee(s) mention them in their letters. Your application will be strengthened if your GRE/GMAT scores (if required by your chosen programme) are high. Please bear in mind, however, that competition for places is high, and therefore if your grades are lower than the general requirements, this may consequently mean you are less likely to be offered a place.

• My programme requires GRE/GMAT – what GRE/GMAT test score are you looking for?

There is no specific or average GRE/GMAT test score required for our MSc programmes – instead we will review your test score relative to other applicants for the programme, and also in the context of all test scores submitted worldwide in the current year. Therefore we simply recommend that you aim to achieve the highest possible score in order to strengthen your application.

Please also note that GRE/GMAT test scores are just one part of your application, and when making a decision on your application we will consider all parts of your application as a whole (including university grades, personal statement, references, etc.).

Our programmes

• Which programmes does the LSE Department of Management offer?

Please see our Study page for the full list of programmes we offer.

• Do you offer an MBA programme?

Yes, we offer an Executive MBA programme. We are partnered with NYU Stern and HEC Paris to offer the prestigious TRIUM Global Executive MBA. This is a modular part-time programme for working professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ work experience.

We also offer the Executive Global Master’s in Management which is the LSE alternative to a traditional MBA. The programme is a more academically rigorous option for working professionals looking for a route to reach the highest level of career success at an international level after 3 or more years' work experience.

We do not offer a traditional full-time MBA programme for non-executive students, but instead we provide a range of generalist and specialist MSc programmes. These programmes do more than simply teach students to apply current business tools and frameworks, as with a typical MBA programme - instead they provide the academically rigorous training and critical thinking skills needed to thrive in the fast-changing world of business over a lifelong career.

• Do you offer part-time programmes?

Yes, we offer a small number of flexible options, including part-time and distance learning programmes. Please see the 'Flexible' tab on our Study page for full details.

Fees & financial support

• What are the fees for my chosen programme?

Please check the web page for your chosen programme for confirmation of the tuition fees: visit our index of programmes web page > click on your programme.

• Are any scholarships or other financial support available?

Yes, please visit the LSE Financial Support Office website for details.

• How should I pay my fees?

Please visit the LSE Fees Office website for full details on how to pay your fees, payment plans, rewards/discounts for early payment, and any other payment queries.


Enquiries & finding out more

• I have a question about the application process/my application

Please contact the LSE Graduate Admissions Office via their website.

(All applications are dealt with centrally by the LSE GAO, so the Department of Management will be unable to answer any queries regarding your application).

• I have a question about my chosen programme/the Department of Management

Please contact the Programme Manager/Administrator for your chosen programme in the Department of Management by email or telephone. To find the relevant contact details: visit our index of programmes web page > click on your programme > look for the contact details in the left-hand ‘How to contact us’ box.

• Can I visit the LSE campus?

Yes, we run a Graduate Open Evening for prospective students on campus every winter, and visitors are also welcome to visit our campus at any time. Visit our Meet LSE web page for details of all the ways you can visit and discover LSE.

• Can I visit the LSE Graduate Admissions Office to discuss my application?

Yes, the LSE Graduate Admissions Office runs regular drop-in sessions for applicants at the Student Services Centre on LSE campus. Visit the Graduate Admissions Office website for details of when and where the drop-in sessions take place.

• Can I visit the Department of Management to discuss my application?

No, we are unable to take visitors in the Department of Management, however we encourage you to discuss your application at a drop-in session with the LSE Graduate Admissions Office (above).

• Are there any LSE representatives in my home country?

Yes, it is likely that you may be able to speak to an LSE representative in your home country, as we regularly visit countries across the world (attending education fairs and conventions, visiting schools, colleges and universities, and meeting students for presentations, receptions and counselling sessions). View our LSE visits you web page for full details.



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