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Class profiles

The student experience

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Class profile  

The MSc Economics and Management programme is designed with a deliberately small class size of around 25 students to ensure that only the very best students were accepted, and so that the classroom experience was of the highest quality. Since then we have attracted a diverse range of students each year, from a wide variety of employment backgrounds and international locations.

The programme is designed around the diversity of its students, bringing together a variety of real-world experience and international perspectives to form a close-knit academic community.

International diversity

Our students come from a wide range of locations around the world, with students of 37 different nationalities having studied on the course since it was run for the first time in 2007. 

Click on this map to view the nationalities of our students and alumni:


Variety of experience and age

The programme is well-suited to pre-career applicants, and no previous work experience is required. However applicants with some work experience are also welcome, bringing a variety of experience to the class.

MSc Economics & Management student numbers and age
Year  2010-11  2011-12  2012-13 
Total students  24  24  19 
Average age  22  23  24 
Age range  20 - 25 years  21 - 27 years  22 - 29 years