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International modules

To gain a truly global perspective, our students will attend two modules in international locations, in addition to the five modules in London. This experience is designed to highlight topical international business issues, and give an insight into global diversity in management practice.

In addition to the classroom teaching during the two international modules, students will experience the local business culture with visits to companies in these locations, and will hear talks from prominent international industry experts based there.  

We will also connect students with the elite LSE alumni network through events with our alumni based in these locations, to integrate the Executive Global Master's in Management cohort into the LSE's worldwide alumni community. 

Beijing, China


Students will visit Beijing during their course on foreign direct investment and emerging markets. This course is in the field of international corporate strategy, and will outline the main theories of multinational internationalisation, the resource based view and new institutional economics. It will also provide detailed analysis of case studies of company experience in expanding their operations internationally. There will be a particular focus on models and cases on companies which operate in emerging markets. Such economies bring a special character to the FDI process because emerging markets have greater interplay between politics and business, weaker institutions and faster growing markets. By far the most important emerging economy from the perspective of Western multinationals in the past 30 years has been China, which makes Beijing an ideal location to study FDI.

During the module students will hear speakers from Chinese Universities discussing the Chinese economy, its political system, the rapid change in the region and the prospects for the future. They will also visit multinational firms operating in China, to get a real understanding of the issues raised for multinationals from investing in emerging markets, as well as some leading Chinese companies which have begun to operate on a global scale in their own right. This will lead students to question whether the same models which explain internationalisation by Western firms are also applicable to firms in emerging markets, and to explore the implications of this enhanced competition for Western markets. 

Bangalore, India

Bangalore India

Students will visit Bangalore during the course on marketing and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The focus and location complements the portion of the course held in Beijing, China. A famous economist once remarked that “whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.” Translated into business terms, India is probably the country that currently presents the biggest opportunities as well as the biggest challenges to capitalizing on them - the objective of the module is to expose students to some of these challenges and opportunities. 

Students will meet individuals and organisations in diverse sectors of the economy, ranging from large established for-profit firms to innovative start-ups, and understand first-hand how these actors are dealing with a period of rapid change in a very large market.

PLEASE NOTE: As we are constantly adapting and improving the programme in response to global business trends, the locations of the two international modules are subject to change in the future.

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