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The secret to making better business decisions


As managers we face many complex and subtle decisions in our everyday work, and under pressure we often rely on previous experience, or even occasionally simply ‘gut feeling’, to make good judgement calls when faced with two or more complex and competing options.

Your decisions, both small and large, will have a tangible impact over time on your own success, your team’s performance, and the functioning of your organisation. Understanding the root causes of the issues you’re dealing with each day – for example why trends in your international consumer market base are changing, why the micro- and macro-economic environment is fluctuating, or why the geo-political architecture in which you’re operating across the globe is developing over time – is the key to making truly effective and forward-thinking business decisions, allowing you the room to innovate rather than just maintain the status quo.

This is the core principle at the London School of Economics and Political Science|, whose motto (dating from its foundation in 1895) is “Rerum Cognoscere Causas”  : understanding the causes of things. The LSE has applied this academic tradition to the field of business and management, with the aim of developing managers’ talent so that rather than simply fitting into today’s business world, our students will become the next generation of visionary industry leaders, innovators, and change agents in society.

The LSE's mission is to ensure its academic work is relevant and useful in the real world, and to this end it has broken down the historical divide between the university and the workplace with its Executive Global Master’s in Management| programme. Designed specifically to provide a platform for management professionals from across the globe to study while continuing to work full-time, this unique programme concept enables business professionals to deepen their understanding of the core disciplines of management, and apply learning from the classroom directly in the workplace as they study - developing their talent to make an immediate impact on day-to-day decision-making, as well as the longer-term success of both their organisation and their own career.

To find out more about the programme, and meet our students and faculty, you can join our information session| at 18.30 (GMT) on 29 April on campus in London, or online from any location across the world:


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