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Florian (Germany)

BSc Management student class of 2013-16

Florian-Dahlhausen_BSc_StudentAfter I spent one year at an international High School in New Zealand, I was more than keen to further my experiences in an equally multicultural environment during my university education. Needless to say therefore studying at the LSE, with its diverse and international student body, was one of the greatest aspirations for me in my life.

I was particularly attracted to LSE by its excellent reputation, promising career prospects and world-class education. I was also greatly fascinated by the possibility to experience internationally renowned speakers like George Soros, Thomas Piketty and Christopher Pissarides. Who wouldn’t be excited to receive an offer from such an institution? I certainly was! 

I consider Management an excellent programme to study owing to its wide range of subjects, through which the course equips students with a strong mix of qualitative and quantitative skills. It’s an honour to study among a class of such committed and intelligent students with great ambitions that continuously encourage one to go the extra mile in order to excel. My involvement in various societies, clubs and the Management department has been a valuable and enriching addition to my student experience at the LSE.

Learning in this unique environment, I am confident that I will find a challenging, responsible position in the future that will allow me to make my own contribution to the fascinating world of business.