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Dr Thomas Lidbetter

Senior LSE Fellow 

Faculty Group: Operations Research


Dr Lidbetter joined the Department of Management in September 2013 soon after completing his PhD in the Department of Mathematics.  He also holds an MSc in Operational Research from the LSE and an MA and MMath in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.  He worked for two years in the Home Office as an operational research analyst.

Research interests

  • Game theory
  • Search games
  • Discrete optimisation
  • Mathematical biology


Alpern, S and Lidbetter, T. (2014) Optimal Search for a Small (or Well Hidden) Object. Operations Research, in press (minor revisions).
Alpern, S. and Lidbetter, T. (2013) Searching a Variable Speed Network. Mathematics of Operations Research.  Published online on 23 December 2013, ISSN 1526-5471.
Lidbetter, T. (2013) Search Games with Multiple Hidden Objects.  SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 51(4) pp.3056–3074
Alpern, S. and Lidbetter, T. (2013) Mining Coal or Finding Terrorists: The Expanding Search Paradigm. Operations Research, 61 (2) pp.265-279
Alpern, S., Fokkink, R., Lidbetter, T. and Clayton, N. (2012) A Search Game model of the Scatter Hoarder's problem.  Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 9 (70) pp.869-879

Lidbetter, T. (2013) Search Games for an Immobile Hider. Fokkink, R. et al (ed.) Search Theory: A Game Theoretic Approach

List of publications |

Conference Proceedings

Alpern, S.,  Fokkink, R., Op Den Kelder, J. and Lidbetter, T. (2010) Disperse or unite? A mathematical model of coordinated attack.  Decision and Game Theory for Security - First International Conference, GameSec 2010, Berlin, Germany, November 22-23, 2010. Proceedings; 01/2010