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Professor Richard Hyman

Emeritus Professor of Industrial Relations


Professor Hyman has been one of the most prominent figures in British and European employment relations research for most of the past four decades. He has written extensively on the themes of comparative industrial relations, collective bargaining, trade unionism, industrial conflict and labour market policy. His books have encouraged generations of students, researchers, and activists to view the employment relationship in its wider social and political context.

Professor Hyman received his BA and DPhil from Oxford University. He joined LSE in 2000 having previously held a Chair in Industrial Relations at the University of Warwick. He is founding editor of the European Journal of Industrial Relations and has served on the editorial board of numerous journals throughout his academic career.

In May 2009, to commemorate Professor Hyman's long and distinguished career, the British Journal of Industrial Relations (BJIR) held a conference in his honour.

Research interests

  • Comparative, especially European, trade unions and industrial relations
  • The state and employment regulation
  • History and theory

Recent publications

  • British trade unions and the ETUC
    Hyman, Richard (2017) British trade unions and the ETUC. In: Ciampani, Andrea and Tilly, Pierre, (eds.) A Multilevel Social Relations History: Unions into ETUC and ETUC into European societies. ETUI aisbl, Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. (In Press)
  • Trade unions in Europe: an overview
    Hyman, Richard, Gumbrell-McCormick, Rebecca and Bernaciak, Magdalena (2017) Trade unions in Europe: an overview. In: Marino, Stefania, Penninx, Rinus and Roosblad, Judith, (eds.) Trade Unions, Immigrants and Immigration in Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing and the International Labour Office, Cheltenham, UK. (In Press)
  • What about the workers? The implications of Brexit for British and European labour
    Hyman, Richard and Gumbrell-McCormick, Rebecca (2017) What about the workers? The implications of Brexit for British and European labour. Competition and Change, 21 (3). ISSN 1024-5294 (In Press)
  • Lo shock della Brexit
    Hyman, Richard (2016) Lo shock della Brexit. Rassegna Sindacale .
  • Els sindicats europeus
    Hyman, Richard and Gumbrell-McCormick, Rebecca (2016) Els sindicats europeus. lluita DIGITAL, 246 . pp. 11-13.

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