Salma  Raheem

Salma Raheem

PhD student in Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour

Department of Management

About me

Salma joined the PhD programme in the Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group in 2012. She is an MBA graduate (summa cum laude) from Ohio University, USA, with a bachelor’s degree in business management from Mangalore University, India. Salma’s formative education was in an international school in Saudi Arabia.

Prior to joining for the PhD programme, Salma worked as a management consultant in the healthcare industry in the Middle East. Her work involved business process improvements, ensuring legal compliance, gap analyses and quality control. During her time in Saudi Arabia, she had the experience of leading multicultural teams.    She also worked on consulting projects for retail companies in India and work experience in market research and consumer behaviour.

She is the co-founder of a weekend school and was its administrator, as a volunteer, in the first two years of its inception, in India. Salma taught in schools in India where she also took up roles in student mentorship, leadership training and charity programmes. 

Salma’s research interests involve the management of multicultural teams and organizational diversity. Her thesis explores the employment of multicultural individuals, their ability to process and communicate multiple perspectives and their potential to enhance team productivity and cohesion in diverse teams.  The context of the research focus is in MNCs in emerging economies such as the Middle East with implications for furthering research in areas of international human resource management, cross-cultural management, identity and team dynamics.

Salma is also keen to learn of new approaches, originating from different cultural perspectives, to examining management research and teaching. 


Raheem, S (2014), The Cosmopolitan-Oriented Multicultural Employee: Organizations’ New Age Talent, British Academy of Management Conference Paper, September 9-11, 2014

Raheem, S (2013), The Cosmopolitan Employee Working paper- Presented at the LSE Inaugural Interdisciplinary Social Science Research Conference, Goodenough College, 17 June 2013

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British Journal of Industrial Relations Teaching Fellow, Outstanding Contribution - LSE