Kari  Koskinen

Kari Koskinen

PhD student in Information Systems and Innovation

Department of Management

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Thesis Title: Digitalising Context - The Role of Context in Mobile Application Development

Abstract: The layered modular architecture of mobile phones and the application platforms have enabled the creation of a large number of different mobile applications by third-party developers. The platforms offer a relatively standardised set of boundary resources, out of which the developers then pick and choose the ones most suitable for their application. The application developers enter into processes of tuning, where they try to accommodate their objectives according to the resistance stemming from the application platforms. These processes have been studied to a reasonable degree, but what has remained more open has been the effect of context to the creation of digital technology. The research sets to investigate the role of context by looking into the interconnections that exist between the technology and the social mechanisms that affect the building process. The intention is to track the applications' lifelines, and examine not only what kind of applications are created and why, but also how they evolve during the development process. The research takes the view of the application developers, who function as filters between the technological resources and the societal needs and wants that the applications sets to fulfil.


Mobile applications; ICT4D; contextual research; trust in the digital domain

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