Florian  Allwein

Florian Allwein

PhD student in Information Systems and Innovation

Department of Management

About me

Florian Allwein is a PhD Candidate in Information Systems and Innovation, Department of Management. He holds an MSc in Management, Information Systems and Innovation (MISI) from LSE and an MA in English Literature, German Literature and Social Psychology from the University of Munich (LMU). Before joining LSE, Florian worked for 12 years, first as a journalist in Germany, then as a search quality specialist with Google in Dublin.

Florian’s research is concerned with organisational agility, the ability of firms to sense environmental change and respond readily. His study explores how agility is enacted as a performance by the members of an organisation. It will focus on the digital infrastructures used to support organisational agility and identify social mechanisms causing this performance. This is researched in a case study with a British telecommunications services company.

Other research interests include Cloud computing and Green IT/IS.


Organisational agility; digital infrastructures; social mechanisms