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Dr Nuno Oliveira

LSE Fellow

Public Management and Governance Faculty Group


Dr Oliveira's research interests lie at the intersection between organisational theory and strategy. He draws on an eclectic theoretical framework and a methodological approach that integrates inductive research and social network analysis (SNA) to examine the theoretical mechanisms of coordination and coordination problems in dynamic inter-organisational networks. His contributions to management theory and strategy shed light on how mechanisms intended to aid coordination can instead develop coordination problems in dynamic inter-organisational networks. His findings lead to specific managerial innovations in order to enhance effectiveness in collaboration-averse environments (e.g. building industry). Nuno is also interested in organisational research methods; specifically, the use of text-based data for modelling dynamic network structures.

Dr Oliveira received the 2012 Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper Award, 2nd overall for this category, at the EURAM (European Academy of Management) Conference. His research is also regularly presented at the annual meetings of the Academy of Management (AoM) and the Strategic Management Society (SMS).

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